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Chit Chat Thread

Ever have anything minor you want to talk about that doesn't really require an entire thread? Just post it here!

Well, guys, I'm a sad panda. Both acts who I favor on America's Got Talent didn't do well. My darling Prince Poppycock decided to be more "serious" and, like Pierce said, probably blew it.

Fighting Gravity was my second choice and they had a minor screw up, which is instant death in the finals.

That little girl does have an amazing voice but no one would give a darn about her if she weren't a kid. I really don't care for the songs she sings, plus she lacks the theatrics that I so love. Prince Poppycock makes all his own costumes, darn it, and Fighting Gravity is just cool.

From the moment Jackie arrived I thought she would win but now I'm certain. Meh.
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