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Heads up for fanfic writers

If you're interested in another multi-fandom archive in which to post your stories, you may want to check out and sign up at Archive of Our Own ( It has a Darkwing Duck section, but only had one fic in it until I posted all of mine yesterday. The archive itself has a lot of nice features: you can group your stories as a series, tag them with pairings and characters in the header without having to put them in the summary, and click whether they're gen, het, slash, etc. as well as rate them. You can choose whether or not to use warnings or filter out warnings if you're someone who doesn't like them. Also, you can easily import stories you've already posted at there, with minimal hassle and formatting.

Additionally, if you're someone who writes in multiple fandoms but uses different names in them, there's a pseudonym feature where you can create multiple "identities" all linked to your main account, where you can use different icons for each.

The main drawback right now is that it's invite only, but you can request an invitation by adding your name to the list. It only took me about a day to get an invite, and it was the same for Coldwin a day or so after I got in. I have requested some invite codes to pass out to friends, but they haven't given them to me yet. You don't need an account to read or review, but you do need one to post.

I think it'd be awesome to see another multi-fandom archive have a healthy and thriving Darkwing Duck section, so if you're interested in more exposure to your stories, please consider checking this place out.
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