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Rumours/Trivia About the Show

I have decided to add a new page to the website: Trivia/Rumors (, any tidbits similar to the information below will be posted there. Unfortunately I don't know every rumor out there, so if you have one to share... post it here! Bonus points if you can find solid sources to support claims.

I was inspired by this quote from Negaduck9:

Negaduck9 Wrote:Trivia: after Darkwing Duck was over, Tad Stone pitched another series to Disney starring Gosalyn as the hero. The art would have been more stylized, Darkwing would be retired, Launchpad would be gone under mysterious circumstances. Alas, this never got off the ground because, so the studio responded, poeple simply weren't interested in an action cartoon starring a girl. (This was before Kim Possible, of course.)

This thread is reserved for submitting your information, discussing whether it's fact or fiction, and providing links to sources. Everyone will be credited for the information they submit!

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