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DWD or Member Dreams?

I just had one today.

Malicia and NegaDuck were holding some party thing for fans, and actually for all of us here. For some reason, Malicia was depressed and sick. NegaDuck noticed how sad she was, so he tries to cheer her up. He tries to excite her by saying there would be ice cream and coffee there being served (Malicia likes coffee in this dream), but Malicia's expression doesn't change. NegaDuck then just feels bad that she can't be cheered up. Supposedly, Malicia and NegaDuck won a triple million dollars for something, they didn't even have to steal it or anything, hehe.

Then Malicia tries to speak to a large audience and accidently slips out that she won a triple million dollars, only to realize too late that she wasn't supposed to say it. :malsurprise:

Then in the real world, we were a community that could see each other face to face and I wanted to ask our admin if I could role play her character for some really interesting rp. I didn't though because I was afraid of hearing "no". :P lol

So that was my dream, has anyone else had any DW themed dreams?

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