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DWD-style bad pick-up lines

Last night I was struck with an amusing idea: what bad pick-up lines might the various Darkwing Duck characters use? Not counting anything from the show (like DW's "Let's get amorous" line or Megavolt's "I think we even have the same polarity!"), what do you think the characters could say if they strolled into a bar and tried to pick someone up?

Here were a few that came to me:

Launchpad: So, uh, you wanna crash at my place tonight?

Morgana: I bet we could make some real magic together.

Bushroot: Want to see my hard wood?

Liquidator: Thirsty for love? Try a drink from your friendly neighborhood Liquidator!

Megavolt: Baby, some real sparks are flying between us here.

Quackerjack: You should see what my other toys can do.

Steelbeak: This ain't the only part of me that's hard as steel.
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