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Darkwing Duck Elimination Game (Has Restarted)

Here is the basic idea: We start out with all the character, each one starts with 10 points, you take a point away from one character and add it to another, when a character has no points left they're out. You play until one character is left.
Only add or take away one point at a time.
Note:You may think I have left someone out of the List, I did, it's plenty long already, do we need it to be longer?

Gizmoduck -1
Bushroot +1

Darkwing 10
Launchpad 10
Gosalyn 10
Honker 10
Negaduck 10
Bushroot 11
Megavolt 10
Quackerjack 10
Liquidator 10
Morgana 10
Steelbeak 10
Taurus Bulba 10
Splatter Phoenix 10
Flarg 10
Barada 10
Nikto 10
Talaya 10
J. Gander Hooter 10
Grizzlikof 10
Gizmoduck 9
Dr. Sarah Bellum 10
Neptunia 10
Little Running Gag 10
Muddlefoots who aren't Honker 10

And Begin!
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