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Catrina's Knotts Berry farm tips

1. If you're planning on going on any water rides, do NOT wear jeans. They're very uncomfortable when wet and take hours to dry. Even when it's hot outside.

2. Ghost Rider and The Silver Bullet are bother so rough that they cause slight headaches. So as long as you don't mind that, have fun! Just be careful.

3. Supreme Scream doesn't warn you before it drops you. So expect a surprise. It gives you a moment to talk before DOWN YOU GO! But halfway through the first drop you get used to it.

4. Montazuma's Revenge isn't as bad as it looks. So go for it! Just keep in mind, it has a VERY fast start!

5. When going on any ride that makes you flip upside down, always keep your head back. If it gets caught downwards, it can result in a neck ache for the rest of the day.

6. The Carousel is lame.

7. When going on the Hat Dance ride [basically like the tea cups at Disneyland], be prepared to have your ass sliding around in the seat if you spin it. XD

8. If you go to Mrs. Knott's Chicken for lunch, make sure you've got lots of buttermilk biskets [and yeah, I know I spelled that wrong] and ask for a box. Those things are so good you wont mind eating them all day, and you wont have to waste money on dinner! Unless of course you want to. ^^

9. If you went on a water ride in jeans and got them soaked, going on fast rides doesn't help them dry any faster.

10. Go during the spring BEFORE spring break. The lines are so short you walk right through them straight to the rider and barely have to wait.
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