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Ducktales S3's #12 Episode: Let's Get Dangerous!

"I'll spend my days in Duckburg, nights in St. Canard and I'll sleep on the drive over!" - Launchpad

Fortunately, I've just recently watched the forty-five minute length special on Youtube that Disney kindly uploaded on their channel and it's arguably one of my favorite episodes of the Ducktale episodes thus far. It exceeded my expectations, which is excellent because I was dreading that this special would be a disappointment since I found it just as entertaining as the original "Darkly Dawns the Duck" pilot. It's great seeing Gosalyn, Taurus Bulba and the Fearsome Four again after all these years. I've no problem with Gos of being Latino descent since most shows require diversity and I can tell that she's still as spirited as ever. Congrats on the new voice actors as I think they're done a wonderful job and I couldn't help but cracked a smile when I found out that Michael Bell reprised his role as Quackerjack, although I did noticed they didn't provide Bushroot a new VA. Perhaps a subtle homage to Tino Insana (may he and Christine Cavanaugh both rest in peace) like Square Enix did with Hercules Phills' Japanese VA in Kingdom Hearts 3? Anyway, moving on... there's been a staggering amount of reference from the original D.W and Ducktales shows. I won't spoil it for you except that a certain main Chaos God from a Disney Adventures comic arc made an unexpected cameo, which could potentially lead to somewhere, possibly one of the seasons' finales. Only time will tell at this point.

In an unpopular opinion, I'm actually glad that Negaduck hasn't appeared in the special since he would likely had stolen the spotlight from Taurus Bulba and the Fearsome Four, although I wouldn't be surprised if we see him again soon... whenever he decides to emerge from that sewer that is (hopefully not via Pennywise style that is, I'm getting quite weary of IT parodies after seeing them dozens of times).

Here's hoping that this special could be the precursor of a new D.W. series. *Raises and clinks wineglass* If you're reading this message then kudos on performing an exemplary job, Frank Angones. You've made this Disney veteran fan extremely happy by bringing one of his childhood birthday wishes to fruition. You have my gratitude. Cheers and have a Happy Haunted Halloween.

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