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Ducktales S3's #12 Episode: Let's Get Dangerous!

The twelfth episode of Ducktale's Season Three's hour-long special "Let's Get Dangerous!" will premiere on October 19. It seems like a show's own rendition of the original D.W. pilot "Darkly Dawns the Duck" as it features Gosalyn, Taurus Bulba and Professor Waddlemeyer. In an interesting turn of events it's been revealed that the Fearsome Four will also appear as well and yikes... is that an undead version of Bushroot? Perhaps an homage to DC's Swamp Thing? This special is getting more interesting with each passing day, although its a shame I won't be watching it until it becomes available on Disney+ next year since XD isn't part of my cable package (curse you to the depths of Florpus, Spectrum!). Anyway, feel free to discuss your speculations and opinions regarding this special. Will it lead to more D.W. themed episodes or a reboot? Only time will tell, compadres.

By the way, you can find more information on the episode on Ducktale's/Disney's Wikipedia and the 'Florpus' bit was a nod to the Invader Zim movie that was released on Netflix last year.

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