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Echoes of Destiny

{Note #1: This is it, my friends, we have reached the decisive two-parter climax of this chronicle. Draco versus Negawing and as Optimus Prime once said “one shall stand, one shall fall”. These two Macawber brothers will be fighting for the throne in a grand battle that would not only determine the fate of the Leviathan Empire, but also that of the Negaverse and the Primeverse. So expect a tremendous amount of action, violence, some tail feathers flying, and a few surprises that Negawing and Draco had been keeping up their proverbial sleeves.}
Part Seven: Fallen From Grace Part III: The Battle for the Throne, Round One
There was a resounding crash, the sound of limb striking limb, signaled the Macawber brothers’ battle beginning. King Lucian had his muscular arms braced across his chest, his royal red cape billowing in the frigid breeze. He had a calm, neutral expression on his face while he observed the ferocity with which his sons fought. There was no warmup, no holding back. It was like watching two titans fighting, exchanging a flurry of frustrated blows with their punches and kicks (while Draco would sometimes alternate with his forked tail), clawed hands raking vulnerable eyes and softer feathers with the intent to gouge maim. Right now they were evenly matched, but eventually one of them will break the stalemate.
This was the deciding battle, all over again. Draco hissed as Negawing’s webbed foot struck him across his face, snapping his head to the side as he flew back. Vision blurred slightly, he instinctively weaved around a few strikes before retaliating with his own. “Not this time, brother!” he yelled, driving his fist deep into the smaller Abnormal Prince’s gut. “I won’t let you humiliate me, ever again, do you hear me?!”
Negawing coughed, doubling over. “Heh… you think… I purposely embarrassed you? Don’t give yourself so much credit!” Thrusting his hand forward, his palm caught Draco’s barbed tail, deflecting it to the side and leaving him wide open to attack. Negawing lunged forward, delivering an uppercut to Draco’s jaw. “You’re beneath me, and you always have been!” The diminutive tyrant yelled, chasing after him to axe kick him in the stomach. Draco crumpled, the force of the kick driving a spray of blood from his mouth as he crashed into the ground. His body cracked the ground around him, a shallow crater spider-webbing around him. “If it were up to me, I would simply ignore your existence, brother,” Negawing said as Draco coughed, rolling over painfully. “If only you would make it easier me to do so.” He kicked the older Macawber in the ribs, earning a stifled groan of pain from Draco as he sent him flying. “Despite what you might think, I don’t hold any ill will toward you.” Negawing concluded firmly, pointing his finger at his downward opponent and rapidly firing many gold and red laser-like beams from the tip.
The orange Abnormal Prince scrambled out of the way, most of the beams missing him, the rest only grazing his feathers. He noticed that his brother's beak curved into a sly smirk. Of course, he was lying, but then again this is Negawing Duck he's dealing with! “Funny, your words and your actions don’t seem to be in harmony,” he growled, his tail twitching with the beginnings of irritation. “Besides, indifference and hatred are practically the same. You and father are just deluded in your shared acceptance of them. You dote on and obsess over your enemies and rivals, but neglect your own blood! What the hell kind of sense does that make, Alrich?!”
“Surely you know why though, Draco?” Negawing replied, his voice still cold and indifferent. “We both know that turning attention to one’s enemies allows one to keep their priorities, even when others fall to deception and inattentiveness.” He punctuated the last word with a knee to the stomach, then flung Draco away disdainfully. “You’re too soft. Someday, one of your loyal little acolytes will murder you in your sleep, mark my words.”
“That’s if you don’t get to me first, huh?” Draco smiled mirthlessly. “Unlike you, Alrich, I have the capacity of inspiring respect in my troops, where you merely control them through fear. I’m their god, Alrich. To anyone under you, you’re just a demon. You’d even murder me in my sleep like the ancient Caesars of the Roman Empire, if I weren’t so weak to be beneath your notice.” He sighed angrily. “Unfortunately for you, underestimating me was not a strategic move on your part. I’m still here.” Draco taunted, watching as the smaller Abnormal Prince seethed at his words, fists clenched hard enough to draw blood and his eyes narrowed into frustrated slits, his beak a hard line taut against his features.
Negawing clashed with Draco as he continued to battle him for the next several minutes. By this point they were still going strong with Negawing now being on the offensive, thrusting his arms out in rapid succession, trying to strike at his opponent. For his part, Draco was unperturbed, merely dodging effortlessly, or brushing the attacks away with his forked tail as if he were swatting vexatious insects. King Lucian noticed this and stroked his chin contemplatively. Hmm, Negawing had thoroughly dominated Draco the last time they fought. Perhaps I was a bit too hasty when I had written off my firstborn as a lost cause all those years ago… He thought. He's actually dong a marvelous job holding his own against his brother.
“How the… hell are you so fast?!” Negawing yelled angrily, continuing the assault. “I tortured you to nearly the last thread of your life several years ago in our previous confrontation!” His older brother was stronger, but still… Guess my hand will be forced after all, he thought, I don’t want it to come to this, but it seems he’ll leave me with my choice for me to initiate my trump card! It won’t hurt though, to lure him into a false sense of security, thinking he’s got me beat… He resolved to continue this weakling act just a little further, but then his cunning mind began crafting the designs of a sinister plan  Hmm, on the other hand… it’ll be much easier if I just attack his heart instead! He inwardly chuckled deviously at that thought.
Draco smirked at Negawing’s apparent struggle to hit him, recalling his earlier gravity-enhanced training sessions. “Isn’t it obvious… you’ve been slacking off, brother.” He grinned, showing off his fangs for the briefest moment before lashing out with his barbed tail to grasp his brother’s incoming punch. “Or perhaps you’re starting to underestimate my abilities as they’re more superior than yours.” He pulled Negawing into a punishing gut-punch, the younger Abnormal Prince’s eyes bulging as he wheezed and coughed. Draco sighed, shaking his head in mock disappointment while folding his arms over chest. “Really… you are pathetic, Alrich. I daresay I’m not even trying.”
“You… sound a lot like father, you know,” Negawing gasped, “speaking of our parents, do you know how our mother really died?” He asked after a moment of crossing his own arms. He was silent for a moment as he pursed his bill and gazed at his brother before them, but received no answer from him. At Draco’s darkened expression, he forced a painful chuckle. “Heh, I thought as much. No, I didn’t think you would. It’s really quite intriguing as it was a tale that father had regaled with me every chance he got. You see, our mother’s death began shortly after she interrupted the skirmish we had at the royal gardens when we were children. Father had invited mother to talk in the Crystal Caverns in private, but once there he began to transform into his ‘Pleasure’ form, which more dangerous than the Leviathan transformation our grandfather Felix used. He chastised her, insulted her, and said he didn’t want her infecting us both with more of her weakness.” He grinned wickedly. “He said everything she taught us went exactly against everything he was trying to teach us both… that what it went against everything our father’s father had taught him…” The younger Abnormal Prince trailed off as he smirked and arched his back, cracking it before continuing. “And he said that if it continued, we’d end up weak rulers. So to stop that, he decided to kill her. She fought with everything that she had and she really did tried her best to stand against her ground, but against his ‘Pleasure’ form, well she was nothing. He ripped her to shreds and then atomized her…”
“He… killed her in cold blood? That bastard!” Draco snapped, veins bulging up along his pale orange feathers, the snow starting to melt around him as his rage grew. He wanted to yell, he wanted to cry, he wanted to beat his frigging fist into his father’s face forever for what he had done to his mother, but he knew that it would be wise to reap his vengeance another day as he knew that that he’d need all his strength for this battle.
King Lucian narrowed his eyes into a dark glare as he noticed that neither of his sons were fighting at the moment. In fact, it seemed that Negawing was conversing with his brother as if they were old friends. What the hell is that boy playing at this time? I don’t like this one bit. If only I could hear what they're saying right now...
Negawing laughed with sinister glee. “Now you know the whole story of what happened to her and you’re going to share the same fate as her by the time I’m through with you!” Rage renewed, Draco charged at him, forcing him to hastily retreat. Ha, I just played that knob like a fiddle! My strategy’s working, though, he thought, he always get sloppy when he’s pissed me, just like me. True to his nature as a Fire Demon, Draco’s ire was affecting his movements, and Negawing’s foot found a solid target at last, sending the orange-feathered Abnormal Prince backwards with a growl. “Aww, did I struck a sensitive nerve, big brother?” Negawing taunted, trying to regain his stamina. “Or could it be that you’re angry because of something else? Ah, I know, did finding out the truth about mother’s death upset you? You were always her favorite, but even you are far from fault. It must suck being the black sheep of our family considering that our father could barely tolerate your existence!”
Draco’s face fell, a look of pain crossing his features, before molding itself into a look of pure, unadulterated rage. “Shut up!” He decked Negawing across the face, feeling something crunch beneath his knuckles. “I am sick and tired of living beneath your shadow and dealing with your inflated ego and I’ve had enough of it! You’ve always been the bane of my existence ever since we were children!” Unleashing a barrage of tiny, sapphire fireballs, he pelted Negawing with them, each small explosion and subsequent cry of pain only serving to rile them more. “Yes, I’m a Fire Demon, but you’re the real monster and you always were!” Draco ranted, rushing at and kicking his brother repeatedly. “And you… you have the gall to speak ill of our mother and dishonoring her memory by laughing at her death while our father pampered you when my entire life went to hell?! I earned my place, Alrich, while you were a disgrace to yours since you basically sold your very soul to the devil!” He launched a massive stream of sapphire flame at the cloud of smoke around Negawing, panting as he felt the explosion rattling the ground.
Staggering and bruised, Negawing emerged from the dust, fists clenched. “’Sold my soul to the devil’… always the dramatist, aren’t you? That’s where you’re wrong because you’re the disgrace and not me, brother. You were always jealous that I was the prodigy, and you were the failure throughout your entire life.” He smiled through bloodied teeth. “You’ve always been weak since the day you were hatched and our father made the right decision when he chosen me as the heir to his throne. You’ll never amount to anything besides being a thorn in my tail feathers!”
Draco scoffed, spitting a wad of bloody saliva to the side. “Perhaps, but at least we both know who the inferior one is between us, but then again if you had any true notion of the full extent of the dangerous situation that you’re dealing with then you would run as fast and as far as you could. Like the coward you are.” However, the Fire Demon wasn’t aware that he was making a huge mistake. Despite that fact that they’re brothers, Draco had little knowledge that Negawing has a bit of difficulty with the word coward. For long ago, when he was still a child who couldn’t control his powers, the trainers would taunt him and torture him until it came out. Physical pain wasn’t enough, but psychological pain… yes, that would be sufficient. And because of that conditioning, even though his memory was erased of all that happened to him so that he would not be a traumatized wreck, the word coward sticks with him to this day. It acts almost like a trigger. “How does it feel, Alrich, to be so reversed and reviled at the same time? No wonder you clung to father’s affection like a lovesick puppy… they’re the only ones you received after our m-“ However, Draco was cut off when Negawing threw his head back and let out a very loud primal scream. Inwardly, Draco cringed at his mistake. Crap, I think I went too far…
Without any warning, Negawing was down upon him, blinded by hatred, his limbs lashing out in a dervish of movement. “Shut up, shut up, shut up!” Negawing screamed, pummeling his older brother in a fury. “I’ll kill you! I swear, I’ll frigging kill you until there's nothing left of your remains for the vultures to feast upon! You h-have no idea… no idea what it’s like… and you never will, because weaklings like you can’t comprehend the living hell that I went through!” Stuttering in his fury, the younger brother continued to punch, kick, bite, and lash out at his foe, dimly aware at that some level that King Lucian was watching, probably waiting for an opportune moment to step in and interrupt his battle. Let him try! Negawing thought angrily. We will not be denied this battle; so long in coming at it is! Beneath him, Draco still struggled to block, his tail protectively coiled in front of his hand, clawed hands raised to defend his face.
Looking out across the frozen landscape of the mountain, King Lucian took in the sight of his youngest son, now pummeling his older brother with all the fury of a child throwing a terrible tantrum. “Alrich, Alrich, Alrich, your anger has hardly improved over the years. You always were more vulnerable to petty insults than physical punishment… even now, your ego is a laughable hamartia…” Despite himself, he crossed his arms, his lips curling slightly upwards, betraying his pleasure at this turn of events. At this rate, everything would still go according to plan.
“Brother… Negawing!” Draco stained, prompting Negawing to cease in his onslaught. “…y-you’re right. I have no place to deny that you did not go through hardships to achieve what you did… but I’m not going to pretend that you’re an ideal successor, and now that our family’s empire is being hindered by resistance fighters on a near daily basis, we can’t afford someone like you in total control. Look at yourself now, Alrich. If I’m not worthy because of weakness, then you are even less worthy due to madness.” Negawing stopped, processing this as Draco inwardly smirked. Insult him first checked, pretend to sympathize double checked, and then make him question himself… just look at the fool, he’s taking the bait! The Fire Demon Prince knew that fights were won on the mental front as well as the actual battlefield, and he was adept at manipulating lesser foes, winning against foes that were stronger because they… they were mentally weaker and demons like him exploited on those weaknesses to their advantage. He grinned, rubbing the back of his hand across his face to wipe away a track of blood from his beak. “The painful truth is you’re unstable, Alrich, and everyone knows it. Even our father is frightened of you, initially. In fact, he’s been dead-set on controlling you ever since he passed down the reins of the empire to you. He keeps you on a short leash, while he gave me, the unfavored child, utmost freedom. Funny, isn’t it?” Draco risked closing his eyes to chuckle, knowing the effect that he would have on Negawing.
“Freedom was never something I wanted in my life, Draco!” Negawing yelled sharply, surprising his brother. “I only desired one thing in life and that’s unadulterated power. Power to achieve my goals. Power to crush my enemies. Power to live, when a weaker person would not survive. You talk about power and freedom as though they are separate concepts, but let me enlighten you, dear brother…” He rushed in, kneeing Draco in the stomach and doubling him over. “…power and freedom are one and the same.” With a growl, the smaller Macawber brother delivered a punishing web-kick across Draco’s exposed back, batting him down to the ground. “I’ve never cared about what anyone else thinks of me, or what I do or don’t do. The opinions of lesser beings are worthless to one such as me, but when they call me a coward then the only outcome I’ll grant them is an excruciatingly, and slow execution.” He crossed his arms, his beak twitching with annoyance.
“That’s… your… weakness…” Draco said painfully, clutching his ribs as he stood. “It’s all well and good if you’re strong… and you are as much as I hate to admit it…” He paused to cough up a glob of blood. “But you won’t… no, you can’t, always be strong, Alrich! And the minute you show weakness, the instant you are no longer seen as unbreakable, you will die. Your powers aren’t infallible, and when you fall… nobody will come to your aid. You’ve burned all of your bridges, and you have no allies. People like you don’t last.” Draco closed his golden eyes for a moment, thinking about his most four faithful followers of his elite squadron that he christened as “The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse”. “There are other and better ways to be strong, that you have never been able to grasp.”
Negawing hissed in annoyance, his beady eyes narrowed. “You’ll stop with that idiotic blather when I break every bone in your body twice… perhaps I ought to start with your jaw!” He was slightly taken aback by Draco’s words, though. He recalled how his scouts informed him that the freedom fighters such as the Allied Remnants and the Sicarii had mentioned on how great it was to have allies. Negawing didn’t buy it, though. If I lowered myself to that, I’d be as weak as Draco is. I’ll bet he’s even stupid enough to treat his own lackeys as equals! Tch, how shameful… he truly is a disgrace to our family! That thought angered him more than any other. That a member of the Macawber Clan would willingly put themselves on the same level as inconsequential vermin! He ground his teeth, raising his hand to gather energy into the tip of one finger. “I’ll show you, Draco!” He shouted; his eyes narrowed into a dangerous glare. “I may not always be strong, but in comparison to me, you’ll always be weak! I hope that you included your men in your will and testimony because you’re about to have an unexpected appointment with the grim reaper!” He then lifted his right hand into the air, one finger pointed up at the sky as he focused his power into his next attack. Then, called down on his command, a spiraling, double bolt of black lightning streaked towards Draco.
Dammit! Anything but that spell again! Draco thought in a panic, his widened eyes taking in the sight of the deadly attack coming straight at him. Thinking quickly, he jerked his body to the side, but let out a cry of pain as another black lightning bolt speared through his opposite shoulder. Shit! He anticipated I’d just dodge, and set me up! Very well, two can play at this game, Alrich! After all you’re not the only one who can perform that incantation! With a stifled growl, he readied his own version of the lightning attack, and fired, ignoring the pain in his shoulder.
Negawing let out a laugh, erecting a forcefield with a careless wave of his hand, harmlessly deflecting the attack. “Hmm… seems you’re a bit out of practice, dear brother,” he mocked, “You never were very good with those kind of incantations, despite father’s tireless encouragement.”
Draco’s brow lowered, his lips raising in a snarl. “Oh, being used as a target practice is what you’d call encouragement? You’re quite twisted, brother. Come to think of it, you take after father a lot in that regard!” He yelled with fury as he tried to close the gap, gambling that Negawing wasn’t as good a shot in close quarters. That wishful thinking was rewarded with another searing-hot pain as dark electricity laid open a perfect line of charred, reddened flesh across his left hip. “Aaagh!” He resisted the urge to touch the blistering wound, looking as though a red-hot pipe had been laid against his orange feathers. “Grrr, okay, now I’m pissed! I’ve had enough of this! You're going to rue the day that you ever messed with me, twerp!" He roared, summoning a burst of speed to duck beneath two more black lightning bolts, veering around another three, then flipping over another searing stream of electricity, finally coming in close enough in that final movement to come down on Negawing’s head with his left foot. "Take that, you impudent whelp!" He growled. The momentum of the powerful blow drove Negawing downwards, Draco pursing him with fury burning like flame in his eyes, fangs bared. “I… hate… everything… about you! My life would've been so much better if you were never hatched!” He screamed, punctuating every word with a punch. The last blow delivered, he leapt back, gathered his energy, and with a cry, fired blue electricity from each tip of his fingers. "I'll see you burning in the bowels of hell by the end of the day, Alrich!" He roared.
Negawing barely recovered from the earlier barrage of attacks and yelped at the sight of the incoming deadly barrage. “Dammit it!” He shouted, performing a series of acrobatic cartwheels so he could narrowly dodged the first few. "Ha, missed me! Your aiming sucks as ever!" He blew a raspberry, but the fifth struck him full-force. “Guh!” The Malevolent Mallard groaned as the fifth electric bolt managed to punch a hole through the armor that’s been protecting his left leg and charring the appendage underneath it. Damn, he must have enough resolve – or anger – to actually hurt me after all! Negawing thought, wincing at the terrible burning sensation surging through his left leg. The wound stung like hell, and Negawing knew that he’d probably be unable to put weight on that leg, but he was not concerned. Such an injury didn’t change the fact that Draco was still outmatched, and out of energy. Or so he thought. Still mentally assessing the damage, the younger Macawber brother looked up to see another black lightning bolt heading towards him – and this one was aimed at his heart. “What the-?!” he cried as he skillfully dodged it, though the shock of seeing another had quickened his heart rate substantially. “What the hell is the matter with you, Draco?!” He said condescendingly, trying to suppress his surprise. “I thought you couldn’t manage more than one lightning technique at a time… I take it back; you have improved, it seems. Still, your aim could use some work – you could have killed me, and then father would have you punished severely for disqualifying the rules that he put place, am I right?” However, Draco’s stony face was his only response as he raised his hand into the air, his index finger pointed up at the sky.
King Lucian appeared to be mildly surprised by how tenaciously Draco was managing to fight against Negawing, while he was becoming increasingly more focused on the accusations flying than the blows being exchanged. It seems that there is still some room for improvement when it comes to their reckless behavioc, especially Alrich. He thought, watching his sons engaging each other in a war of lightning bolts, both trying to skewer the other, while blocking themselves from damage with energy shields. In the fracas, a redirected lightning bolt ricocheted towards the spectating Macawber Monarch. King Lucian, face suddenly focused, noticed that one of the thin, obsidian bolts was streaking towards his castle! He darted in front of his ancestral estate and swung his hand out to intercept the black beam. “Hya!” He cried, meeting the attack. With a sharp resounding, the black lightning bolt was no more. Growling, he fastidiously wiped the sooty residue on the edge of his cape, as though anything produced by his sons was an affront to his person. Still, more out of a want to preserve his ancestral estate’s integrity than anything else, he stood his ground, continuing to focus on the battle. “Those brats would have severely damaged Castle Macawber if I hadn’t been there! They’re so preoccupied with their battle that they’re practically ignoring their surroundings! Idiots!” Tapping one clawed finger absentmindedly on his crossed arms, the Macawber Monarch wondered if he would have to intervene. Hmm, no, for the moment, they both seem to have it under control, but still… I alone knew of the powerful new form Draco possessed, but even with it.. against Alrich, would it be enough?

“Aaagh!” Another scream punctuated the raging battle, as the younger Abnormal Prince steadily dominated his larger opponent. The battle to outlast Alrich is surely a futile one, Draco thought as another black lightning bolt seared a smoking hole through his hand, but the more stamina he loses, the more complete my inevitable victory will be! Panting, he tried to curl his had into a fist, but the pain was too great. Can’t drag it out too much longer, though… Everything ached now, but he knew that as soon as he unleashed his Draconian form, it would be worth it, to see the look of horror on Negawing’s face. His younger brother’s voice snapped him out of his thoughts. I need to buy myself a little more time then my triumph over Alrich shall be ensured!
“What’s the matter, Draco?” Negawing called mockingly, his arms folded confidently over his chest. Are your initial burst of speed and power, you’re once again back to expected levels of mediocrity, the younger Abnormal Prince thought. He’d be lying to himself if he didn’t admit to enjoying this. It had been so long since he had fought and tortured, smelled the blood and heard the cries of pain and suffering as he picked an opponent apart. That it was his brother lessened the pride he felt, somehow, but the knob’s prior insults to Father and Negawing himself more than justified it. “Mwahahaha… you’re not even dodging effectively anymore, brother.” He conjured another black lightning bolt, and Draco howled as it lanced through the middle third of his forked tail, probably right through the bone, judging from how the appendage now hung limply. “Oh, come now, don’t you have any more of that anger from before?” Negawing taunted, firing again, a purposeful, grazing electrical shot that just nicked his brother’s beak – playful, almost, in comparison to the rest of the damage. To his credit, Draco did not scream in pain this time… but his face said volumes as to his weakened state. Negawing grinned wickedly. “You aren't going to last much longer at this rate, dear brother…”
Draco squeezed his eyes shut against the intense pain, as a rivulet of blood trickled down the side of his bill. I’m afraid that… he has a point for once. That last one… damn him, now he’s just playing around with me! It was no use stalling any longer. If he didn’t act now, Negawing could – and would – permanently disable him once he got bored, and then Draco would have no chance. The Draconian form requires a tremendous amount of energy to use and the Fire Demon Prince knew that he wouldn't possess enough strength to unlock it if Negawing continues to pick him apart like this. He would either collapse from exhaustion or he'll be shredded like mincemeat and neither fate looked too appeasing to Draco. He took a shaking breath. “You want anger, Negawing?” He spat the last word as if it were venomous. “You have no concept of the indignity, the suffering I endured, living in your shadow! As I mentioned earlier, you've always been the bane of my existence ever since we were ducklings! Let me tell you something, little brother – fear isn’t the only way to unlock new plateaus of power.” Extending his arms, Draco roared as a surge of flames coursed through him while ignoring the protests of his battered body, shutting out all sensation until he only focused on the being before him: Negawing. “I… struggled! I preserved!" He howled, his form shaking. “I never… stopped… pushing myself!” His field of vision was interrupted by a pulsing blood-red glow in the corner of his eyes, as he felt the first spasms of power surging through to renew his strength. With an unearthly roar, he threw his head back as if he were in pain, and Negawing saw muscles tightening as a pillar of flames began enveloping his body.
His older brother’s body stretched, making Draco taller. Next, the metamorphism showed Draco’s orange feathers turning into ruby-black scales as they began spreading all over his body.  “W-what… what is he doing?” Negawing murmured, genuinely confused. A sudden twinge, a small chill running down his spine, set his adrenaline pumping. He wheeled to look to his father, and he was watching Draco with a closely guarded expression on his face. Slowly, the Malevolent Mallard turned to face his older brother, the realization of what he was doing finally dawning on him. He was standing in the path of a astonishing transformation, a form he was wholly unprepared to face, because… it was impossible. A mere myth, just like the Nekojins’ so-called were-creature Slayer form, perhaps he had misunderstood the prophecy and that it was Draco, who was destined to bring him down. If that’s the case, then it was a terrible irony. No, it’s worse than a legend! He thought numbly, shaking his head in denial. This is… beyond all comprehension! What in the name of Beelzebub is he becoming?!
“GRAAAAAH!” With another animalistic roar of rage, and Negawing knew, pain, the Fire Demon convulsed, a ripple of power washing outwards from his body – which was bulking up steadily. A pair of dark maroon wings erupted from his back, wreathed in black flames. A pair of dark gray horns emerged from either side of his head, his tail was now covered in spikes and became much thicker than before as it now looked reptilian. Throughout his transformation, Draco’s screaming continued, as his voice distorted, growing deeper, more animalistic as his body morphed into a larger, more intimidating sharp. Negawing swallowed down the rising lump in his throat as he felt a sense of irrational fear washing over him, as he beheld the sight. This didn't bode well for him. Even Draco’s face was becoming more feral, his beak changing into a snout filled with razor-sharp fangs. Finally, his scream tapered down into a laugh, then a low chuckle, almost like a growling predator.
“Hahahaha… hehe… so, dear brother, anything to say? No? Where are all of your witty taunts and death threats?” Draco grinned, his sharp teeth gleaming against his ruby-black scales while there was a malicious gleam in his now glowing yellow slit-like eyes. “Ah… you’re absolutely speechless!” The stunning silence was a veritable symphony to his ears. “Good, because I’ve had enough of listening to that big beak of yours, twerp.”
To be continued…
{Note #2: Oh, snap, crackle and pop! It seems that the decisive moment of this family feud has arrived and Draco has finally revealed his hand. I'll give Negawing the first round, but unless he pulls off a miracle then his goose will be cooked by the end of the second round. Hmm... cooked goose. Heh, sorry for the Homer Simpson moment. Anyway, I had a tremendous amount of fun writing the dialogue between Negawing and his big brother, revealing their personalities, interaction, and background in between the vicious fighting. Not much else to say about this chapter without giving away spoilers about the outcome of this battle, but I look forward to your speculation – place your bets, ladies and gents, place your bets while you still can! Stay tune for the next chapter of “Echoes of Destiny” as the battle between Draco and Negawing reaches its explosive conclusion with the winner becoming the head honcho of the Leviathan Empire and the loser diminished to a Normal as he loses his powers and banished to the Primeverse.}

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