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Darkwing Drabbles

Over the past few years I've posted mem-inspired drabbles to my livejournal. They never made it to my website because, well, they're just crumbs of stories, but someone here might find them amusing.

Each story is exactly 100 words long, and prompted by a specific request...


Prompt: "Darkwing Duck?" (The question mark was included in the prompt.)

The Ratcatcher sped through the streets of nighttime St. Canard, leading a pack of police vehicles. It weaved through traffic, making sudden turns at intersections and occasional alleyways. The purple-clad avian's cape flapped behind him like a matador's.

At last they cornered him. A semicircle of cars pinned the motorcycle against a building. Guns came out of their holsters. "Get off the vehicle with your hands up!"

The duck complied. And he was taller than the policemen had expected. Launchpad, in his Darkwing Decoy costume, said, "If ya wanted me to pull over, why didn't ya just flash your lights?"


Prompt: "Darkwing and Christmas."

It was a cold and snowy morning. The manager of St. Canard's "Toys M Us" superstore had expected the long line of early shoppers. He had not expected to find Darkwing Duck standing over a captive Quackerjack.

"This terrifying toymaker was trying to replace your toys with recalled playthings so the lawsuits would drive you out of business," Darkwing announced.

"How can I thank you?"

"All in a night's work! But if you insisted..." Darkwing glanced up at a poster in the store window.

"I'm sorry, but we won't get any more 'Wee' systems before Christmas."

Darkwing stalked away, grumbling.


Prompt: "Drabble me a Darkwing ditty! Theme? Darkwing's pants. AND AND AND Bento lunches...and love." (She meant me to do one drabble for each. I fooled her and crammed 'em all into one.)

Darkwing opened the Ratcatcher's saddle compartment, looking for his wallet so he could have his usual on-patrol midnight lunch at Hippo Burger. What he found was his pants. What? Was his wallet still in the pocket?

He unfolded the pants and found, inside, an unfamiliar plastic box. He snapped the lid off and saw that it was filled with food. Strange-looking stuff, but it smelled good. And a note addressed to "Dad" was taped to the inside of the lid. Aww, Gos packed him lunch!

He opened the note. It read, "Dad, you eat too many Hippo Burgers. Love, Gosalyn."
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