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Episode Discussion: The Duck Knight Returns!

You know, I was kind of unsure about this whole reboot thing from the beginning. I was skeptical. Very skeptical, in fact.

It took a bit of time to adjust to the new Duck Tales... I was a bit worried because the kids (Huey, Dewey, Louie, and Webby) can be a bit... loud and hyperactive. But, y'know, it has some good points, and it seems like with each passing episode it gets better and better. I was happy to see that they kept most of the characters pretty well intact. I actually was VERY RESISTANT when Gyro Gearloose showed up and was... not at all like the Gyro I remembered, and I'm already getting pretty tired of the jerk genius trope but...

He's grown on me since then? And for some reason, I didn't have any problem at all with Fenton's character who seems like more of an improvement. (Also, I love how ridiculously over-the-top Glomgold is) So, I've settled in, and I can safely say I really enjoy the show; I really enjoy the characters, and I really like that you can tell this show is being so lovingly crafted. It's also really cool to see Della Duck in animation and to have this whole backstory and her personality is absolutely wonderful. I love her. Even the new character of Mark Beaks is fun (in that annoying, You-Love-to-Hate-Him kind of way. I was actually really surprised when they managed to make the guy a legitimate threat at one point in a way that was actually kind of terrifying!)

But all that's just backstory to what I really wanna talk about: THE DARKWING DUCK EPISODE.

Now, in the show previously, Darkwing Duck had just been this old cartoon show that LP was a fan of. And I mean, makes sense LP would be a fan since he was a fan of Darkwing's in the original show, but... Admittedly, it was disappointing to think that Darkwing Duck was just going to be a show within a show.

But then, this episode came along, and I just... Okay, I used to roleplay Darkwing, and back in the day I was kinda protective of him because, I dunno... LOL Immaturity? Fan-possessiveness? Because I really got to know the character inside and out even down to the fact that he hates spicy food. LOL I dunno! Point is, there might have been some small part of me that was looking to tear apart this episode and probably nitpick about how Darkwing was portrayed.

But wow, I was actually kind of blown away by this episode. The practically meta commentary on the nature of fandoms and reboots... The comedy (okay, I laughed out loud when they showed the Darkwing Duck trailer - see: every gritty reboot and practically all the trailers ever LOL), and what they did with the characters and the plot of this episode, and I'm just...

I'm impressed! Some good call-backs to the old show, the way they set up Darkwing's origin (which kinda reminds me of that time travel episode with Drakey and everything).... I'm not too sure I understand what all is going on with Negaduck (why did his colors melt off like that), but I'm all on board with this origin because it seems like he's probably gonna end up just as dastardly as the original.

I like that Drake and LP can fanboy about Darkwing Duck together as this puts them on more equal footing, I think, which is nice. And it still sets up Drake for getting an ego because he's literally living out his dream and being his hero from childhood (and also might have some egotistic tendencies anyway because of the whole trying to be an actor thing.... and knowing he looks good in cape and HE IS BETTER THAN GIZMODUCK, darn it!). All in all, this was a solid episode, very nicely done, and I enjoyed it and look forward to where it goes from here.

The biggest questions, of course, are Gosalyn and how are they going to set up Darkwing's villains. Since some of the old ones appeared in the show-within-the-show (namely Megavolt, Liquidator, and Quackerjack -and I think I saw Bushroot, too? Not sure) and were presumably actors? I mean, it'd be kind of odd if all the old show villains kinda came out of the woodwork as they are? But at the same time, you also want to see the old villains, too? So, no idea what they're going to do with that.

Although, apparently on Tumblr, Frank Angones said "There is no Darkwing without Gosalyn" (which is very telling regarding Jim Starling - who didn't have a Gosalyn presumably)... so, we're definitely going to see Gosalyn at some point, for sure.

And as far as the villains go... well, I'm not sure, and this is just a theory, but... I think they're planning on remaking the villains. (Whether they plan to remake all of them or only some of them is anyone's guess) In any case...

I say this because of the introduction of Gandra Dee. Did anyone else notice she had electric powers, is a scientist who experimented on herself and clearly has some... issues with society as it is. Perfect makings for a potential supervillain. She might end up becoming the new Megavolt.

Or possibly not. But... I couldn't help but look back at that episode and squint at it. LOL I don't think I'm against remaking Darkwing Duck's Rogue Gallery, but... I dunno. We'll see how it goes!

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