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Welcome to our humble Haunt, my old friend! I'm sure Posiwing Duck has a gift basket for you since he's nice guy. Let's see here... oh, you have some interesting things in here! All of it Posiwing made (and bought) himself! You received:

A fifteen-dollar Starbucks gift card
A dozen homemade Halloween-themed cookies
A basket of various flavored berry muffins
A turquoise and silver blanket to keep you warm for the upcoming winter season
A welcome Old Haunt t-shirt
And a ticking time bomb

Posiwing: Wait... what?! Did you just said "ticking time bomb"? Uh-no. *Snatches explosive from the basket, bolts out of the room in a frantic rush and the sound of an explosion going off could be heard in the distance as a battered and heavily singed Posiwing is seen taking off into the skies like a rocket* NEGAWING!!! You son of a bit-* Roars angrily before crashing into a scrapyard*

Negawing: *Cackles wickedly from across the street in his penthouse floor* Have a nice trip, Posiwimp! See ya next fall! *Cackles again*

*Slaps my forehead* Figures. I should've known he'd do something like that. Memo to self: Inspect future gift baskets to prevent further "surprises". *Chuckles nervously* Well, at least you get to see fireworks today. I hope you enjoy your stay, my old friend. Don't worry about Posiwing, he's used to enduring explosion. He'll live, I think... *Sweatdrops*
"You want to know something funny? Even after everything you've done... I would have saved you." - Batman

"That actually is... pretty funny.""- Joker
(Batman to Joker before the latter's death in Arkham City video game, 2011)

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