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Jim Cummings at Comic-Con

Hello everyone, it has been a long time since I came here!

Just gone to the Comic-Con at the weekend, guess who's at the Comic-Con? I didn't know till I looked at the schedule and saw Jim Cummings' name on it. I checked the internet and saw that he really is the one who voice Darkwing Duck (and other characters). I was lucky enough to get in line when Jim was doing the signing. Took the picture of Darkwing and Negaduck and got Jim to sign it. He is such a wonderful guy! I thanked him for voice acting different characters and told him my favourite is Darkwing Duck. He even talked in his Darkwing Duck voice while signing my picture. I was so happy! First thing he said was that I must be Gosalyn's friend. I laughed as I am good with kids (now it's officially, I'm Gosalyn's friend, LOL! Just kidding! But I will put down on my fanfiction that I am friend with Gosalyn). When I told him that I love his outfit, he thanked me and said that he designed and made it himself. When I said his famous catchphase, he told me that it's okay to get dangerous but don't get too dangerous. On my autograph it said 'To ___ Stay Dangerous!! D.W. Heart Jim's signature'. I'm going to keep this super safe!

And on another note, went shopping on Tuesday for a water bottle for my sister since her old water bottle is leaking. I was surprised to see these. It was Disney Afternoon theme cups. There're a TaleSpin cup, a DuckTales cup, a Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers cup, and a Darkwing Duck cup! I'm super happy to see the Disney Afternoon Shows are getting the spotlight.

Hope you're all doing great, see ya!
"I am the terror that flaps in the night!"
"Crystal, that's my line!"
"Just wanted to try it out, Darkwing"

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