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Look what I got!

Wow! It's been a while since I came here. I had a little problem getting volume 2 of the Darkwing comic. I finally got it Dwwink

I have been doing okay, having fun with some dreams I had. Like the one where I wanted to shout at Darkwing for saying something horrible to Honker because they had to escape into the empty mall from the main villain. The main villain happened to be this villain from this texas ranger cartoon...? I can't remember the name of the cartoon but I remember watching it on the Disney Channel. He needed to capture Darkwing to free the evil monster from its prison. Honker came up with a great plan to outsmart the villain.
Then there's this dream where this bad guy who is in love with Mallory from the Mighty Ducks cartoon. He got angry with Darkwing because he thought that Darkwing is Mallory's boyfriend. Darkwing was all confused when the bad guy attacks him.

Oops, I gone off topic, here's what I wanted to show you:     

Dwstyle "Looks like I have become popular, no surprise there."

W.J.C: "I was just looking for the Kingdom Hearts figures and I just happened to find these in store."

Dwstand "Where about? I bet it was right where everyone can see it."

W.J.C: "Mmmm... It was on the bottom shelf..."

Dwpain "Right, on the bottom shelf. Bottom shelf!"

W.J.C: Yeah... It was pure luck that I saw them. I was looking at the Kingdom Hearts figures for Donald and Goofy. There were two different costumes for them and while looking at them, my eyes caught your figures on the bottom shelf... Yeah, I was looking down when I was looking at the figure. It's a good thing because I wouldn't have seen them if I didn't do that."

Dwcrouch2 "But... They put my figures on the bottom! Didn't they know they should put them on the top! They will sell like hot cakes!"

W.J.C: "Now we need the Justice Ducks."

Dwtalk  "Not including Gizmoduck. Morgana definitely needs to be in it!"

W.J.C: "Yeah! Once I get her, I'm putting her right next to your figure!"

Dwcape  "Thanks W.J.C."
"I am the terror that flaps in the night!"
"Crystal, that's my line!"
"Just wanted to try it out, Darkwing"

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