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Hello, My name is Nerdkate88. Nice to meet you!

I recently found out about this forum and I was totally psyched to join. None of my friends at school are interested in Darkwing, despite my best efforts to get them into it, so it's neat that I can actually geek out with y'all about something I'm really passionate about.

So, a little bit about me. I've been in the fandom for about two years now, probably since Summer of 2014. I started watching the show after stumbling along a tumblr post about how good it was, and within the first couple minuets I was hooked. I remember that I thought the characters were so well written, and the plots were so clever. After I finished it, I remember wishing there was more. Then about a month later the omnibus was announced and the rest is history!

Again, I'm super excited to talk more, especially with the new comic coming out and all. Have a nice day!~
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