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A look at Bushroot

I feel that while Bushroot is mentally sane in comparison to Megavolt and Quackerjack, he's not emotionally sane and I feel that's his biggest weakness.

Bushroot is a smart cookie and can plan out his experiments and think, but he's also prone to very rash decisions based on what he's feeling at the time, is quick to take offense to perceived slights and is very revenge-driven at times, and often commits crimes because of a spur-of-a-moment decision or because it'll make him "fit in". Rhoda calling him "Reginald" prompted him to think "well, she likes me, cleeearly this means she's gonna marry me and also be okay with turning into a plant", after all, with no real consensus from her.

He just wants to be happy. Too bad his means of making himself happy are so destructive and he often will do very lethal things to other people because someone happened to hurt his feelings.

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