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A look at Bushroot

I often read that Bushroot comes of as relatively sane, especially when compared to the rest of the Fearsome Five. After looking at some of his episodes, however, I come to the conclusion that he is pretty out of his mind, too. It is just that instead of acting like a maniac all the time, he becomes unhealthily obsessed with whatever is important to him at the moment.
In "Beauty and the Beet" we already see this with his theories and, more important, Rhoda. It drives him to perform a dangerous experiment on himself, murder two of his colleagues, try to murder his boss and abduct Rhoda to mutate her. It takes being mowed down to stop him.
The next time we see him (following production order) is in "Easy Comes, Easy Grows". Here, Bushroot doesn't care about Rhoda or science much, but is after money. That in itself makes sense, as a plant-mutant with a criminal record that involves murder and kidnapping, you probably don't find a job easily. But as soon as he has figured out a way to steal a lot of money fast, he gets insane with greed, spending money for luxury, trying to murder children to protect it and nearly killing himself to save it in the end.
It goes on like that. In "Night of the LIving Spud" he tries to create himself a girlfriend. The reasoning behind that makes sense, but it is still pretty weird. And when things don't go as planned, he just goes on, treats a basically feral vampire potato as his bride and chases Darkwing with a rocket launcher out of jealousy.
And don't forget "It's a Wonderful Leaf", where, after a bad experience while shopping for the holidays, he decides to ruin christmas for everyone.
I come to the conclusion that, while Bushroot is nice and relatively harmless most of the time, he becomes a real madman whenever seriously pursuing a goal. He basically looses all restraint and doesn't stop until he either gets what he wants or takes a beating so bad that he basically has no choice but giving up.
I can't say he is more sane than Megavolt or Quackerjack, really. Just insane in a different way.
“Darkwing Duck just won because Morgana summoned this yak. Can you block her spell?”
“I left the academy!”
“They didn’t accept me at all!”
“I’m a sorceress, not a witch. I need a pathway!”
“Well… So I have to nail her hand to the chair!”

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