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Okay just throwing this out there, my fiancée and I were discussing all the time and thought I put into my characters the other day and what I want to be remembered for...I'm pretty sure I'm never going to actually write a book worth publishing, but I have all these characters in my head that won't go away, lol...and I'd really love another shot at writing a long fan fiction or series of stories about them, but no idea where to post it short of fan if it's even still working..does anyone have any ideas of a place I could post, or maybe I should try posting on deviant art? I've never posted writing there before. I don't know if anyone would even read it, I've lost contact with so many people I wish I hadn't...I still love talking to you all so much but there are just so few hours during the day...I thought since my kids are keeping me up at all hours most nights maybe I could put that time to use and write then, if any one thinks it mig be a good idea? Thanks, any imput would be very welcome, hugs to all!
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