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My webcomic might be moving again.

Next month I'll be keeping a low profile on deviantArt and moving away to post my items on Facebook. Probably my Jigsy one, too.

dA is, as many have said, is not the best place for feedback. It's been about four years. It's had it's high points and low points, but in the end, well... It's time to find another place to go. dA was made mostly in the event DrunkDuck collapsed (my former webcomic host). DD collapsed and went out of service at least twice, so deviantArt became 'the' place to go for my artistic freedom.

I'm not leaving completely. I will still post items and say "hey go here please to see the comic". But I know as readership declines, I can't keep asking people if they've been reading or not, and seeing if they have. It's too much of a burden.

So on August 1st, you'll be seeing activity here-- ... 2520603147


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