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"Darkly Dawns the Duck" - Uncut!

I might have to make a torrent of this one or something eventually, as the following link isn't the best, but anyway.

I've spent a couple nights editing this together, and mind you, there were more music cue and audio timing differences than shots missing with this one, xD So to patch things up and make a sort of 'best of both worlds', I've put together the original VHS audio and video with large sections of the syndicated DVDs, cleaned and EQed to match as best as possible, in order to make what should be a watchable version of the original pilot, in it's entirety.

Including that music video, heh.

Darkly Dawns the Duck - uncut and restored

I mastered it at 480p, with 48khz audio, as the old video should be, but unfortunately Dailymotion, the only video place I could upload it to without getting an immediate violation, has squeezed it down to 380p. Now as I said, I -will- put on a torrent when it's prudent, but in the meantime, do give this a watch and let me know if it's patched together alright, or at least if the audio flows well enough, with Daily's compression considered mind you, x3

--- Ooh, before I forget, one hilarious sound effect change to look out for, Gosalyn's original snore sound effect. I'll say no more, xD

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