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"Kickin' In the Groove" - The Rap in Spiffy Quality!


Okay, not really, x3 I've been collecting the VHSes, two of which I found -brand new and sealed-, one of which had the Megsy and Honker cards. So I thought I'd pop one in for the very first time of it's run, and rip the rap right off of it's record.

Did I mention I'm a bit of a quality nut? No? Well... I am.

With a light bit of EQing and tweaks, here is the best possible quality the can be obtained of the song (remember, the tape was sealed... original plastic I mean, (very hard to get open! xD) this was the very first time this copy of Justice Ducks Unite! was ever played), so without further ado, the Darkwing Duck Rap, in crystal clear AIFF audio. Ready to be converted to smaller compressed formats at your leisure:

Kickin' In the Groove - AIFF


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