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Megavolt's odd abilities in "Revolution in Home Appliances"

Utilizing a special sort of capacitor, intended to allow him to maintain his electrical charge powers for a much longer period of time, Megavolt inadvertently gains the ability to animate household appliances, bestowing "life" upon them.

1.) He is juiced up and discharged repeatedly in this episode, and shorted out completely twice by water. Does this lead to his deteriorating mental faculties through the rest of the series? (by Clash Reunion he can barely remember his own name)

2.) Despite being charged up repeatedly in later episodes, Megavolt never again demonstrates the ability to animate home appliances, so did the water/generator erase this ability, or was it specific to the special capacitor he initially used. Clearly Megs can animate other objects before and after, such as the flying egg beater he uses in Duck Blind, but only in "Revolution" do they exhibit a will or personality of their own. Actually, in Duck Blind he seems to animate the "Deluvian all electric sports-car" too, but it never speaks or does much more than have facial expressions.

2.a) if all inanimate electronics in the DW universe can be animated, is it possible that they actually have a life of their own? And that when Sparky goes on his light-bulb stealing binges that he actually DOES hear them speaking to him on some frequency that only he can perceive?
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