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Movie Night

Well we all like a night out at the movies, or a night in with a dvd or netflix...

the citizens of St Canard are no different. Heck they even have their own cinema-themed villain!

take a fictional DwD character, and have them watch or review a real movie... subscriptions to Webflicks may help, though I imagine Gos's que looks like the reading list from Sociopath's anonymous with all those slasher flicks.

Isis Vanderchill: Disney's Frozen

The animations were beautiful and compelling, making me think of the icecapades... but honestly, who wants to bring back summer time when you could have beautiful winter all year long AND drive away or freeze out those annoying interlopers from down in the valley? but I can't get Let It Go out of my head! Now, I'm off to make my own marshmallow snowgoon!
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