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Question to Everyone I Interacted With


For most of you that don't know me very well, I'm Jaelle Byrrd (a name I use for one of my old DWD characters), I prefer to be called by my internet handle Ama these days.

I know I basically dropped off the face of the internet when it comes to Darkwing Duck, my interests going on to other things, spending more time on other stuff. I still talk to some people at various times on tumblr. I'm the most active there if you want to chat or whatever. I don't rp on formspring, nor on Duckverse, yet I still get notifs from the previous accounts of Rhoda, NegaVolt, etc. If anyone wants to take those accounts off my hands, feel free to do so, you would just need to change the password, e-mail, and what have you.

I also create this topic because I feel in the past I have made some social faux-pas and miscommunications, since it's inevitable for those with PDD-NOS or anyone with ASDs (Autism Spectrum Disorder).

So, to get to the bottom of my inquiry, have I made anyone on this forum feel uncomfortable, have any negative thoughts, or just not have a good time in this community?

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