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Reference to Disney in other cartoons

I was watching this show called 'Teen Titans Go'. It's not as good as the previous show but I find it very funny (and childish).

The episode 46 called 'Missing' is about returning their pet to the villain for lots of money.

[spoiler]Robin, Beast Boy and Cyborg have no idea what to do with that amount of money. One of them asks, "Who's the richest person you know?" and they reply with "Scrooge McDuck". I laugh so hard when I heard that. And it doesn't stop there, they play the tune from the Ducktales intro but changed the words to match this show. They all were swimming in the money like Scrooge McDuck.[/spoiler]

Oh my gosh! I couldn't believe it. Watch that episode and you see what I mean.

Not only is Scrooge McDuck well known as the richest duck in his world but he is well known in other worlds too, LOL.
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