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Night of the Living Spud Development Outline

While I was browsing eBay, I happened to come across a very rare find that I felt simply had to be shared with this board.

Normally I don't post animation-related things I don't own and I wouldn't show this off if I don't actually have it in full, but since I lost this auction and I'm unsure if anybody in the fandom picked this up (I'm really hoping one of the collectors like LordNegaduck on Deviantart won it and will share the rest of it), I thought I'd share it and lightly talk about the beta elements in it.

[spoiler][ATTACHMENT NOT FOUND][/spoiler]

It's Night of the Living Spud at its earliest stage in development. Before the script was written, before any lines are recorded, and before any storyboards were created. Night of the Living Spud when it was just an idea for a full episode that could be rejected. And boy, just this one page, this one brief opening scene, shows ideas that never made it into the episode and is just rife with juicy trivia. :bush1:

*The episode's working title was "Howl of the Potato".
*Bushroot was originally performing the experiment in a barn instead of the low-security plant nursery. I kind of wish they kept this because I like that most of the episode is in deep redneck country and that Bushroot has multiple hideouts.
*Rhoda is mentioned as the motivation.
*Probably the most surprising detail in this, Bushroot isn't assisted by Spike, but by a dim-witted redneck named "EB", a country bumpkin so dim-witted that he doesn't find the fact that Bushroot is some deranged plant man making wives out of potatoes strange. I'm honestly kind of curious why this was changed; perhaps Spike was originally not intended to be Bushroot's sidekick until they replaced EB?

Now I have to wonder if more of these outlines exist for the other Darkwing episodes. It's always neat to look at things that could've been but didn't end up happening and what would've changed.

I just once again hope that the person who bought it ends up posting the rest of the outline online. I simply have to find out if Darkwing's interactions with the rednecks was different and whether Dwayne existed this early in the episode-making process.

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