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Delete Scenes from Don Bluth Movies

OK, I know I totally fixate on things from my childhood waaaay too much, but I really can't help but let Don Bluth movies bug me to no end. Why? Because some of his movies have never been seen by the general public in their entirety.

With Land Before Time Bluth got into a massive fight with Spielberg and Lucas over what would be too traumatizing for little kids. As a result, TEN WHOLE MINUTES OF FULLY ANIMATED FOOTAGE WAS CUT. It's thought this footage is lost forever as things like this weren't saved at the time and DVDs with special features didn't exist.

These are the only glimpses we have of what was lost:


Rumor has it that an uncut print somehow made its way to Finland, but I think that's a false claim as no one has ever been able prove this with actual footage.

If you take the time to look up a synopsis of what was cut it becomes very obvious in the film, starting with the first Sharptooth attack. If you watch closely you can see wounds you never saw Little Foot's mother receive on her body appear and disappear (screw Mufasa; this was the saddest kids' movie death of all time. OF ALL TIME).

You know that scene we see in the shadow where the Sharptooth jumps on her back? That was originally all shown on camera.

Next is All Dog's go to Heaven, which was censored to receive a G rating. Two scenes received the majority of the cuts, starting with when Charlie dies. In the original he was actually seen being struck by the car on camera and his body sailing through the air and into the water.

Surprise, surprise, but next was the still scary nightmare scene. This cel is the only bit of what was cut that I was able to find:

[Image: tumblr_mzqcggB8nn1r85d4oo1_1280.jpg]

Originally that demon thing actually talked to Charlie and chased him.

A very minor edit was changing Killer's Tommy Gun to something more whimsical since during the film's production there was a school shooting where a few children lost their lives. It's pretty understandable they wouldn't want folks to be reminded of it.

What hurts is that supposedly Bluth had a fully uncut print he was going to release, but it was stolen. I do have a hard time believing that was the only copy, though.

With Rock-a-Doodle Goldie's cleavage was covered, which I knew about, but I had no idea a "skunk pie" scene was cut. During audience testing a viewer alerted Bluth to the fact many incidences of child abuse occur in the kitchen, or with objects from there, so it was removed for that reason. This is a still from the scene I found where the main owl villain is getting a baby skunk for his pie:

[Image: rockadeleted.jpg]

Since he did have some involvement with it, I have to mention the 12 minutes cut from The Black Cauldron. Here's a sample of how bad it got:


I'd be ecstatic if any lost Land Before Time footage was restored, and I still have hopes for All Dogs go to Heaven. It just sucks that animated films aren't as respected as live action, which folks have gone to great lengths to restore and retrieve cut scenes.
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