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Kingdom Hearts: Afternoon Crisis

Hello everybody. As promised I'm going to post all the chapters in here.

I want to thank Mal for this website. I wouldn't have wrote this fanfiction if it wasn't for her. Also thank Mal for keeping my fanfiction safe. I lost my original fan works when I got my new computer. It was a good thing that I posted it here as I can get it back and redone it. Thank you Mal.

I also want to thank James and Aaron for bringing back Darkwing Duck. I was so happy to see him back. I wouldn't have redone my Afternoon Crisis fanfiction if I hadn't see Darkwing again.

Also want to thank Tad for making Darkwing. I love the cartoon and all the adventures (as well as the funny parts).

Also want to thank everybody on this forum. You have been too kind to me and let me play along with the games.

Disclaimer: I don't own any of these characters. I just borrowing them for my fanfiction. I only own my OCs.

I would like to apologize if any of these characters are OOC. Also like to apologize if there are any mistakes in my fanfiction.

If you want to review it, you can go to this fanfiction on the fanfiction website. Here the link:
I'll be posting it on the fanfiction website every Sunday to see how it going. Don't spoil the story to anybody on fanfiction website, I want it to be a surprise to them, LOL Dwwink Thanks.
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