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DWD Reboot Ideas

Something I was thinking about at work today - if Disney ever decided to do a remake of Darkwing Duck (animated, not comic book), what might any of you do if you were put in charge? For example, would you change any character designs or origins, or add new characters of your own? Would you go with the old voice cast or try out some new ones? Would you redo some of the old episodes, or make all new ones? Do you have any fanfics you'd like to convert into episodes? Anything at all.

If it were me, for example, first I'd put Aaron, James and Amy on the creative team. Then I'd rework Quackerjack a bit, making him more scary and less ridiculous, like Tad Stones wanted. Also, I might revamp Moloculo Macawber as a Magneto/Ras al Ghul-type character, someone whose goal is to bring about domination of monsters over normals, which puts him in conflict with Darkwing Duck from time to time.
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