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Reunited and it feels so Goul! Part 4: Night at Blue Feather

Darkwing paced outside the Blue Feather Room and awaited the arrival of his scapegoat. He insistantly checked his watch, it was two til eight and he was cutting it close. Suddenly there was a shout from a few of the passengers exiting their cars in the parking lot.

Dark, who knew exactly what the cause of the screaming what, covered his face with his wing. "Great, the night hasn't even started yet and there's already pandamonium."

"Sorry! Sorry! I'm so sorry! Sorry!" An enormous pumpkin with four smaller pumpkins for feet supported by thick green vines lumbered through the parking lot and tried not to step on people. Bushroot, who wore a black suit jacket with white shirt and red bow-tie, was guiding it along with reigns of the same kind of vine as the legs and looking for a parking space. When he finally found one, he allowed the giant gord to nestle itself into the stall and take up a restful and strangely natural pose amid the autos. He slid off the smooth orange surface and sprinted toward Dark waiting on the curb.

"Am I late? Am I late?" He panicked a little and tugged at his tie, but Darkwing put up both hands as a sign for him to stop.

"Almost, you got here just in time." He turned and with a flutter of purple, bit the villain to follow. "The girls are inside already and Sharonna is really looking forward to meeting you- Oh, yeah, that's here name... probably should have told you that earlier. But she's going to be a tough nut to crack Bushy, you think you're up to it?"

"She's a nut? Oh, I don't know if I can date a legume, we're not the same genu-"

"Will you just get in there!" He raged, pointing a feathery finger to the entrance of teh Blue Feather Room. As the plantduck scurried through the door, Dark mumbled what Bushroot had said in a kind of mocking nasil copy.

Inside the Blue Feather, there was a kind of cool atmosphere with cobalt walls, mauve carpets and purple-grape colored bar and tablecloths. There were blue candles lit on each of the tables and the flowers and plants reflected the same theme. Bushroot gaped around unconciously and wondered at the tone of the room. Soft Jazz rolled in the back ground and the whole thing seemed like something out of a James Beak movie. He half expected his date to be a sexy Russian spy, but was not wholey disappointed when he found the girl he'd been paired up with sitting next to the familiar form of Morgana, who looked rather pensive when she saw him approach. He knew she couldn't have been happy with Darkwing for fixing him up with her friend. He'd often been told that he wasn't good enough and it seems in this case "good" enough was indeed the question. He certainly wasn't on the Justice Duck's most respectable list. But then again, what did it matter as long as this other girl, this Sharonna liked him. The plant was unsure of Darkwing's intentions regarding whatever Morgana wanted him to do, but he knew at least he was getting to have a little fun... he hoped.

He and Darkwing walked shoulder to shoulder to the table where the ladies smiled at them, one more forcibley than the other. Dark stepped forward to introduce the new parties to eachother. "Sharonna McQuack, this is Dr. Reginald Bushroot, a... ah... associate of mine."

"Ha- How do you do miss?" Bushroot asked nervously extending his trembling branchy arm to shake her hand.

"Very well, thank you..." Sharonna studied him rather carefully. Well, she supposed Darkwing wasn't kidding when he said he was unique looking. She wagered that if she had to date someone, a shrub with manners was ideal. "Lyceum Nycanthropus, a very exotic species in terms of city-dwelling plants."

The plantduck's eyes widen. "You know about Lyceum Nycanthropus? How so?" He was curious to know when she'd come accross the term considering it does have a tendancy to grow in a specialized climate. In fact, if it weren't for the hybridized duck molecules and rapid evolution, he wasn't sure if he'd be able to live easily in St. Canard.

"I'm a botanical enthusist, but only for fun. I garden and cultivate a few plants here and there. Nothing serious. It's kind of hard to care for delicate plants when you don't have a lot of time during the day to spare, so I just let nature do as she'd like." Sharonna looked at the lavender petals atop the duck's head catching all the blue and purple in the room and making them look strikingly Ultramarine, it was quite lovely actually.

"Oh wow, I had no idea." Bushroot was a little more at ease and excited now that he had a foothold in conversation. Obviously plants were something that he knew very well and one of the few things he could talk about confidently. Other topics seemed to trip him up and so he, even as a normal duck, would try to avoid them. "What sort of things do you cultivate."

"Well I'm no scientist, that's for sure." She laughed, bringing out a little chuckle from Bushroot as a nervous reaction. "But I love carnivorous and poisonous plants. Those are my real passion. I also grow your typical victory garden stuff. The trouble is keeping them seperate." With that, both the men and women laughed a short while until the waiter arrived.

"What... what can I get you this evening?" The man in the white shirt and black pants was a dog in his early thirties and had clearly never seen a group like this before. He tried with extreme difficulty to keep from staring at all of them.

""Could I have a martini on the rocks?" Sharonna inquired, as she and Bushroot were the closest to the outside of the table.
"I'll have the same." Dark piped in.
"Brandy for me." peeped Morgana.
"Uh... I don't really drink..." Bushroot poured over the menu trying to find something that sounded tastey. "Do you have distilled water?"

Sharonna laughed and the waiter looked rather confused. Even Morgana giggled. "So I guess the answer is no..." Bushroot thought. "Well, I guess tap water would be okay for noew." The waitor nodded and penciled everything down and then fled toward the kitchen to relate what had just been ordered and gossip about who'd ordered it.

Morgana peered over the candle flame at Darkwing who sat gazing at her in return. She wanted to tell him he'd done a great job and that she thought the two were a great match, but didn't want to spoil the mood. So instead she very subtley blew him a kiss through the light whipsy smoke. He caught it with his fingers almost greedily and pretended to put it in his pocket for later. The caped crime fighter did indeed hope there would be a "later". His thoughts immediately went toward trying to tell Bushroot telepathically not to screw things up, though he had no such power.

"So what do you do?" Bushroot asked, feeling rather clunky and recovering from the distilled water embarrassment. "I mean, what kind of work?"

"I'm an actor." Sharonna said simply.

"Wow, really? Have you been in any movies or TV shows or anything like that?" At this point, the group as a whole was listening because this subject hadn't really come up in the short time Morgana's friend had been at her side, and Darkwing certainly didn't know and found that he didn't reallly care.

"Oh, nothing major. Just some B-horror stuff and lots of independant films that never really saw a lot of press. I was in one TV show that ran for about a month before the writers went on strike and they canceled it... I guess the most famous thing I was in was Astroducks... I wasn't a fan of the movie but it was just after the cancelation and I really did need the work. Mostly I've done voice-acting sorts of things. Again, nothing really well-known."

"Who were you in Astroducks?" Dark asked, remembering that was one of Gosalyn's top picks in trashy sifi stock that she seemed to enjoy so well.

"The Plutonian Princess." She made a kind of retching action with her finger in her throat. "All I got to do was fall in love and run away. It was awful. I guess that's why I prefer independant films."

"I don't think I've ever seen an independent film before... come to think of it, I haven't seen too many movies." Bushroot mused, waiting on his water to come. He really felt like he could use it at this point.

"You know, I don't think I've seen you in anything other than stage productions at Eldritch. That's kind of sad... Oh wait, there was that play you were in before we had our... our quarrel, but I can't remember the title..."

"I think that was Duckspell, I only remember because I really hated that show and I think it seeped over into our fight. Miserable days Morgana."

"Agreed, but now that we're back together we shall have to watch some of the movies you mentioned."

"Yeah," Darkwing piped in. "I'd like to see you as something other than a plue duck in a silver bikini and space-helmet." The table laughed and barely noticed the waiter approaching sheepishly.

He passed the drinks out and named them off to make sure he'd gotten them correct. "Water, Martini, martini and Brandy. Are you... that is, do you think you might be ready to order?"

Bushroot and Sharonna looked a little embarrassed when the realization that neither one of them had looked at a menu set in. Morgana, who had talked with Dark about the place far in advance ordered pasta with meatballs. It wasn't exactly her idea of fine quisine for want of live ingredients, but she new raw food didn't settle well with her boyfriends stomach. The duck in question, having been craving it all night, ordered steak with mushrooms.

"Uh, could I have the shrimp scampi with lemon?" The only female left to order at the table had inquired while her match poured over the menu. Nothing seemed to suit his palate and so he passed his chance to order.

"So, you like carnivorous plants?" He asked once the waiter had gone to get their food.

"Oh yes, I think they're fascinating. A plant with digestive enzymes that thrives in terrible climates. Like the giant pitcher plants in mountanous areas where not much else can grow but hardwood trees."

"How do you feel about Venus Flytraps?" The plant pulled out his wallet and extracted a photo that wasn't visable to the rest of the table.

"They're unique in their shape and I love the little tiny trigger hairs that look like teeth."

"Well, here's mine. His name's spike and I was cultivating him before I became a mutant. He'd just started to bud when I'd perfected the first draft of the IQ formula... well, I shouldn't say perfected." He handed her the photo and continued. "There were a few kinks that I never quite worked out."

Sharonna took the photo and looked at it for a short moment before a squeal of delight escaped her beak. "He's so cute!" Immediately realizing her mistake, her face broke out in a red blush. Before she could say anything to correct herself, Morgan jumped on the chance.

"A squeal?" She laughed. "You've never squealed about anything in your entire life, at least not that I've heard. What happened to that formal introductory demeanor?"

"shut up and look- you'd have squealed too." She passed the photo to Morgana diagonal from her. The picture displayed a very large vennus flytrap chewing on a flower pot with it's legs curled under neath it. Though the bud of the plant was kind of expressionless, one could gather the creature was truly enjoying himself.

Morgana did aw a little at the photo and passed it back to Bushroot who was still rather red himself. "He is pretty adorable."

"Ph yeah! Really cute when he's not trying to chew your arms off." Dark added with no small amount of bitterness.

"Would you excuse us for a moment boys, we have to go- Apply some lipstick." Morgana practically yanked her friend from her seat with the force of her floating around the table and dragged her to the mirrored door of the ladie's room.

"Man, they're going to the bathroom already? Women don't waste any time." Dark thought aloud as he followed the two with his head.

"What do you mean?"
"Don't you know what women do in the bathroom together?"
Bushroot looked uncomfortably from the bathroom to Darkwing.
"They talk! They talk about us!" He ran his hand over his face, smearing his features. "Look, women don't make any kind of major decision without consulting other women. It's some kind of failsafe-thing. I don't know! The point is, they're talking about you."
"Yes, you! I imagine they're deciding your fate as we speak."
Bushroot looked terrified. "How will I know what they've deccided. They're not just going to tell me, I know that much."
"That's just it, they won't tell you. You probably won't find out until the end of the date or later."
"Oh, but, but I don't know if I can wait that long. The suspense is killing me! Look, I'm turning brown already!" He held up his arm and he did indeed look a bit darker than before. He supposed the water might help and lowered the glass under the table cloth.
"What're you doing Bushroot?"
"Drinking. You wouldn't want me to put my roots on the table would you? That would be rude."

Again, darkwing took the words Bushroot said and repeated them in a mocking nasily undertone, ending with an exhasperated grunt. He certainly hoped the women came back soon.

(will finish tonight, but for right now, I'm super hungry.)
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