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Reunited and it feels so Goul!

"O-my-god, O-my-god! She'll be here in less than twenty minutes!" Morgana floated back and forth rapidly, up and down the long narrow ruby carpet on the floor of the Shadow Chateau. "We haven't spoken in three years Dark! What if she doesn't like me anymore? What if we lost everything we had in common? We were like inseperable sisters at Eldritch, but maybe that's all over..." The sorceress was trembling so hard the bats in her hair flopped about like big ribbon-bows.

"Nonsense!" Darkwing Duck waved a hand to dismiss the very notion. "As if anyone could dislike my Morgi-worgi." He attempted to comfort her with an embrace, but missed as she rushed by and fell to the floor. He stood, brushing himself off. "And it's not like you guys don't have a lot of history together. I'm sure whatever this silly fight was about is passed. She probably doesn't even remember."

"Oh, I don't know Dark-" Morgana continued to fret. "She's got a mind like a steel trap. She always has."

"Well-" he paused and thought. "That just means she'll remember the great times you girls had at the Academy and... at your... Aunt Nasty's place in the country..." He muttered something about not being able to imagine what that must've been like.

Suddenly the iron bell on the front door clattered and Morgana shrieked. "She's here!" She dashed into the main dining room, but was met with Launchpad's frame filling the door. Her whole body slumped and the bats drooped, even Archie looked deflated. "Oh, hello Launchpad." She sighed.

"Well gee Morgana, don't get too excited to see me." The aviator laughed.

"I'm sorry Launchpad, but I'm just so nervous... My best friend Sharonna is comming into town to see me and... and we haven't spoken in three years because of a fight we had and I don't even remember what it was about!"

"Sharonna huh?" Launchpad thought with his thumb and forefinger to his beak. "About DW's height, blonde, wears a lot of black and glasses?"

Morgana perked up and fluttered over to him in the doorway. "Why, yes! But how did you know?"

"Cause here she is." Stepping aside and into the resteraunt, Launchpad revealed a petite woman with a blonde bob and black broad-brimmed hat.

Both Sharonna and Morgana let out a squeal as they literally flew into eachothers arms and embraced tightly. There was a clammer of hystarical greetings as the two women tried to make sense of what the other was saying. Suddenly, Darkwing interrupted with a clearing of the throat.

"Of course, Sharonna, this is Darkwing Duck-"

The Mighty Mallard piped in with "-her boyfriend."

"And Launchpad McQuack... Oh! You have the same last name!" She laughed. "I didn't notice it until just this very instant."

"Really? That's great! Which side are you from?" The blonde duck inquired.

"Uh... my fathers side?" Launchpad was a little confused on what she meant. He figured he'd only have the name McQuack if his father had it, though he could be wrong.

"No, I mean from the Scotsduck or Irish duck side?" Geneology was something Sharonna did a lot of research on, among other things. She liked to know where she came from. "I'm on the Irish side... and from your build and red hair, I'm guessing you're Scotsduck. Either way, it's a pleasure to meet both of you." She extended her wing to shake with Darkwing and with Launchpad, then turned her attention back to her school yard friend. "So you finally got the resteraunt you've dreamed of. I'm totally diggin' the decore! Absolutely love the ambiance, and the name! You've really pulled everything together perfectly."

"Do you think so? What about these spiderweb drapes? Too much, too little?" Already Morgana was feeling her connection to her old friend grow stronger with her nourishing presence. She always loved bouncing ideas off Sharonna and getting that creative energy flowing more freely. Talking to Darkwing was nice, but asthetic creativeness was just not his forte.

"If you don't mind me making the suggestion, red crushed velvet with spider web tool?" The two looked at eachother for a moment, then around the room and to Darkwing, then burst into a fit of giggling. The caped crime combatant was perfectly perplexed and Launchpad decided he wouldn't wasted his time trying to figure out why women giggled. It was just a fact of nature.

"You must be tired from your trip down here, why don't you sit down and relax. I'll go and get us some refreshment." Soundlessly, the hostess gluided out of the main dining room and into the back while the others sat at a table near the door.

"I don't know if I can take any more refreshments." Dark muttered.

"It's not so bad DW, the squid cassarole is great." Launchpad rubbed his hands together and licked his chops.

Sharonna nodded. "You have good taste. The cassarole is one of my favorites, but what Morgana does best is Hunter's pie." Her mouth watered thinking about it.

"And the masked mallard boldly asks- what is hunter's pie?"

"Oooh, it's a pie in a thin crust stuffed with heart, kidney and lots and lots of warm blood. It has to be quite hot though to keep the fluids from congealing, but Morgana is a master of temprature control."

"Well she's never let me get cold." Dark smirked. Sharonna caught his smile with one of her own.

"That's right, you and she are dating. You know, you'll be the first real boyfriend she's ever had. She was always too busy studying to socialize. The only things we did for fun were our band and a few road trips... well- more like no-road-trips."

"Wait, wait, wait- you and Morgana had a band?" Launchpad was just getting into the conversation.

"Oh yeah, she and I and cousin Globby on drumbs. He's the one who taught us to play, but no one kicks sick licks like Morgana McCawber.

As if summoned from the farthest reaches of the resteraunt, Morgana appeared with the tray of tasty terrors and a few glasses. She set the tray in the middle of the table and put a glass in front of each of their chairs. She brought nothing out to pour into them, but instead stood poised to cast. "What'll it be?" She chuckled.

"Uh, just some soda for me thanks."

"Could I just have a glass of milk... cow milk." Dark held his glass out and it was filled with pure white "cow" milk. Launchpad got his soda, though it tasted like diet, and Morgana turned to Sharonna.

"Pip-pip?" She asked, placing her fingers over the rim.

"Pip-pip." her old friend left the glass on the table while Morgana cast her spell and it was suddenly filled with translucent purple-red liquid. She sipped it delicately and nodded to the hostess. "You never cease to amaze."

"Speaking of," Launchpad interjected. "Sharonna tells us you guys were in a band. Is that right?"

"Of course. We mostly did Siouxie and the Banshee covers, but there were some originals in there too. Plus some Hole and some Runnaways." She sighed. "Toil, Trouble and Slime. Those were indeed the glory days."

Darkwing's beak hung open for a minute. "Toil, Trouble and Slime? And you played the electric guitar?"

"Oh yes, it was so much fun." Morgana really didn't seem to notice the total confusion smeared over Dark's face. The fact that his sweet Morgana played in a rock band was beyond even his comprehension.

"He totally doesn't believe that you rip axe!" Sharonna was dying in her chair. The Morgana that she knew and the Morgana that he knew were clearly two different people. "I guess you'll have to show him."

"Oh no, no, no- I couldn't." Morgana waved her hands in front of her in protest, but Sharonna was insistant. "Fine, but you have to play bass."

"Alright, I suppose. Though it's not me who's being questioned here." Sharonna stood and straightened out her long black coat and green dress. The two women held their hands out in front of them, as though clutching invisible instruments.

Suddenly, in furies of petal purple and green fire, a bass and a guitar appear in Sharonna and Morgana's hands respectively. Dark can't pull his beak off the floor and Launchpad barely manages to surpress a squeal of delight as they begin to rip a flashy rock medley. By the time they'd finished, both men had regained themselves and clapped a litle out of habit.

"Wow, that was really neat!"

"Yeah, I had no idea you had it in you Morg." The crime fighter corrects himself tentitively. "Not that you couldn't, I just didn't know you wanted too. Well side-kick, perhaps we'd better be getting out on patrol. Crime doesn't solve itself you know."

"So you guys fight crime?" Sharonna's bass fades into the atmosphere around her and she puts her arms back into a comfertable position.

"Yeeap, yep, yep." He sighs. "Protecting St. Canard is a full time job for sure, but luckily I'm up to the job. Let's go Launchpad! There's evil a-foot!"

"Where? Where?" he frantically scans the room before following his buddy out the door and to the Rat catcher.

"Well they seemed nice." Sharonna snears.

"Don't make fun. They're absolutely charming boys and I love them, especially Dark." Here eyes close and she breathes sweetly.

"Just be careful Morgana. First love is always the most painful."

"Oh, just because you're bitter and skeptical doesn't mean I have to be. You sound just like Daddy!"

"Take-it-back, I do not!" The shove eachother a little but soon break into another fit of giggling. It would be an eventful few weeks indeed if this report kept up. But Morgana had a plan in the works to surprise her dear companion. All she needed was the help of Darkwing Duck


Stay tuned for part 2!
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