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I was unsure whether to put this here or in the Fanfiction section. You see, I am attempting to write a fanfiction where Darkwing Duck travels to the Posiverse as a result of a mishap by Negaduck (who also ends up in the Posiverse... actually, he goes first and Darkwing chases him down). I thought I had a pretty good idea about how this universe worked and everything, and I got about three chapters in (unposted fic, by the way) before I became unsatisfied and unhappy with the idea I had... It just didn't seem to fit for all the characters. I've bounced off some ideas with a couple of friends from here on the Old Haunt, and they've offered some good suggestions, but I'd like to try expanding ideas a bit and see if I can hit upon something that can be more consistent.

With that said, here you can offer theories about how the Posiverse works and what the various characters would be like in the Posiverse. If I use an idea that's yours, I will be sure to give you credit in the story (if it's a concept, it'll probably be posted in an author's note in the very beginning of the fic, if it's a character idea, I'll post it in the chapter that character is introduced)

With that being said, I'm going to present an idea I've heard (somewhere, not sure where) about the Posiverse along with my own ideas.

I've heard an idea about the Posiverse where it could be a universe that's filled with ONLY good people. So, that would mean all the characters (including those who were villains in the normalverse or even just a little jerky like Darkwing) are MAJOR goody two-shoes and the universe is all sunshine and rainbows. This idea actually sounds pretty interesting, in theory. It would make for a great opportunity for all sorts of gags (especially given Negaduck's revulsion to things that are sweet and nice), but looking at it in comparison to how the other universes in Darkwing Duck are set-up... Well, I'm just not sure... It seems kind of unfair that there would be a whole universe dedicated to good, and there would be no evil characters. And that would present another issue... If there is a whole universe (the Posiverse) dedicated ENTIRELY to good, wouldn't that mean that there should be a universe dedicated ENTIRELY to evil (you know to preserve a whole balance and everything) There's a lot of evil characters in the Negaverse obviously, but there are good characters, too, what with the Friendly Four and everything, so it doesn't count as an ENTIRELY "evil" universe. So, it doesn't strike me as what would be the "true" Posiverse.

Feel free to expand on that idea if you want, though. It's just very likely that I won't be using any concepts from this particular idea about the Posiverse in my fanfiction.

So, now, that brings me to the idea that I have about the Posiverse. I was thinking since the Negaverse is all about taking core traits of characters and switching them to opposite (because none of the Negaverse characters appear to be "true" opposites since Negaduck, while extremely evil, is still egotistical, tempermental, prone to error, etc.) then maybe the Posiverse is all about taking core traits and enhancing them. So, Darkwing, a good guy in the normalverse, becomes even MORE of a goody two-shoes as Posiduck in the Posiverse (ala exactly like that good half of him in the "Negaduck" episode). This idea, however, presents with a few problems as well, particularly when you try to apply it to certain characters.

Namely, I'm thinking of Gizmoduck, Quackerjack, and Megavolt (although, there are definitely a few other characters that pose problems). Gizmoduck is already a major goody two-shoes in the normalverse. So, what do I do with him? I don't think there's really a way to make him MORE goody-goody and see a significant difference in Posiverse him and normalverse him. So, I was thinking... "Well, MAYBE he kind of takes the place as the Darkwing of the Posiverse. So, instead of him being the major goody-goody, he's got a jerk side to him or something." But that really doesn't fit with the rule that I set up with my idea for the Posiverse. I mean, it could be argued that whatever small part of Gizmoduck has jerk qualities has been enhanced, but it seems like it's kind of stretching it a bit.

With Quackerjack and Megavolt, I thought about trying to enhance their insanity or their evilness, but.... well, they're already pretty insane and evil to begin with. There really isn't any way to make them even MORE insane and such and make them recognizably different from their normalverse counterpart. So, I thought... well... Maybe what I could do is enhance their sanity! But I wasn't sure how I could do this and keep them recognizable as Megavolt and Quackerjack. Their insanity seems to be integral parts of their characters... if I took that away, they really wouldn't feel quite like Quackerjack or Megavolt anymore. Even the Negaverse Quackerjack and Megavolt, while obviously different from normalverse Quackerjack and Megavolt, still appear to have their normalverse counterpart's loose grips on sanity (particularly obvious with Negaverse Quackerjack who still makes incredibly dangerous toys and seems to find them adorable).

Pretty much all of the character concepts I have for the Posiverse are on shaky ground with the exception of two.

Posiduck is a major goody-goody, portrayed much as he was on the episode "Negaduck."

And Posi-Gosalyn is an EVIL child, which makes a lot of sense when you think about her normalverse counterpart AND her Negaverse counterpart. Her normalverse counterpart is a trouble-maker but still appears to have her heart in the right place and is naturally very spirited. Nega-Gosalyn, having a core opposite trait of her normalverse counterpart, is very obedient, not trouble-making in the slightest... but she's still very good and highly spirited like her normalverse counterpart. Posi-Gosalyn, therefore, takes the trouble-making aspect of her counterpart's traits and enhances it. So, that any good part of her there might be is completely eclipsed by the fact that she has a lot of energy and takes trouble-making to the EXTREME.

I'll share my ideas about the other characters as they come up in this topic. Please feel free to share your own ideas about how the Posiverse would be set up and/or expand on the idea that I had as well as offer character concept ideas.

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