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Random facts meme: DwD style

Big fan of Darkwing since I first watch it (Can't remember how old I was, I know that I was little).
I think the first episode that I watch was the one where Darkwing first fight against Bushroot.
Love all the episodes, love the funny bits.
Play the Darkwing game on the gameboy and finish it.
I did a drawing of Darkwing once.
Used to collect Disney Afternoon magazines (I have no idea what happen to them).
I made my dream team when I was little. My team contains all my favorites characters from video games, cartoon and anime. My team also contain OCs. My dream team are my oc Kat who is a cute little multicolour kitten who has magic power and can talk. Sonic, Amy and Tails from the Sonic the Hedgehog game. White Bomberman, Black Bomberman and my oc Fairybomber *she is a pink/red colour bomberlady with fairy/butterfly wings on her back* from the Bomberman game. Speedy, Guido and Polly from the Samurai Pizza Cats anime and finally Darkwing, Quiverwing and my oc Crystal Royalfeather from the Darkwing Duck cartoon. Mario, Luigi and Princess Peach from the Mario game help us out from time to time. When I was little I always play and used my imaginary to pretend that me and my dream team are fighting against the villains. Most of these are set in video games that I had played and cartoons/anime that I watched.
"I am the terror that flaps in the night!"
"Crystal, that's my line!"
"Just wanted to try it out, Darkwing"

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