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A slow night at work

Posiwing smiled back at her as he reached into one his jacket and withdrew his wallet. Opening it he quickly looked through the contents, he didn’t had any ones or fives on him, only five tens, and six fifties, two hundred dollar bills, he had made from the job he had earlier. He took out a ten and handed to her, “A good thing I had one of my good capes,” he chuckled to himself. “Keep the change,” he said to her politely.

Idiot do-gooder, giving away extra money to that girl is a waste! I would never be caught dead to commit such a Junior Woodchunk deed! Negawing thought to himself, his face seemed to darken entirely with hatred, although he did caught a glimpse of the contents in his double’s wallet. He was no expert when it came to math but he figured it was at least over five hundred dollars that was more than enough to replace the bomb that had been detonated, but not nearly enough to rebuild his penthouse suite, although it would be a start. He didn’t think Posiwing would even have a job that paid him that much when meant he might have more back at his hideout, wherever that is. Unfortunately he didn’t knew where Posiwing had resided, despite his best efforts to exploit that weakness he had been unable to pinpoint that location. So robbing him entirely of his wealth was out of the option. Darn it!

That left the other option. He might consider of stealing the wallet, there were too many witnesses at the current moment. (Money is still money even if it is a pathetic amount, he’d rather prefer to steal hundreds of thousands then merely a few hundred dollars) Not to mention he didn’t want Malicia, one of the best villains in this god-forsaken city and one of his favorite role-models, to witness to see him commit something petty like pick-pocketing she might lose whatever remaining respect she had towards him and that he could not afford.

((OOC: Its no surprise that Negawing does look up to Malicia as one of his role-models just as the way Posiwing does to Darkwing and Morgana, he would probably never to admit it though since he is fixated on his image and doesn’t want anyone to think he’s growing ‘soft’.))

((Second OOC: Effectively starting tomorrow I will be out of town to visit my family again for the holidays. I cannot allow anything to distract me so I am temporarily leaving the fandom for a couple of weeks, I’d be back after my vacation. I’d like to wish Happy Holidays to everyone and see you at the earliest of 2012! ))
"You want to know something funny? Even after everything you've done... I would have saved you." - Batman

"That actually is... pretty funny.""- Joker
(Batman to Joker before the latter's death in Arkham City video game, 2011)

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