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Anatomy of a cartoon (or more specifically, its characters)

Eoraptor Wrote:
Malicia Wrote:I always figured he was late 30's - early 40's canonically. But I'm also among those who tend to age him down a bit, mostly because stories and RPs take place in present-day, meaning 2014. In other words, he would now be nearing his 60's! Something tells me even Darkwing wouldn't be able to maintain the same physique for that long, haha.
Which might explain part of the reason Dark Warrior Duck wore such stiff sculpted body armor. he would actually be close to contemporary now if you come to think about it.

He still seems pretty thin under that armor so I can see why would he wear something that makes him much larger and more intimidating.

As for his physique. If he kept exercising and kept in shape even in old age he might keep a younger looking body for much longer.

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