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Dear Malicia

Thanks Malicia, she's very hurt over the BS that's been happening on DA lately and as a result has come to the conclusion that she'll be keeping her mouth shut for now on, which I don't blame her one bit.....Christ, if something happened to me that would have been the talk of the town, I would never show my beautiful face in St.Canard ever again.
It just goes to show that something small can turn into something hugh so very quickly and something you have no control over.
Sure, everyone has their opinions...and they have every right to express them, good or bad.
This is how it all started for Darkwingfan.
She wrote a journal about how thousands of people were forced out of their homes in Beijing and most of them blame the Olympic committee for it.....look it up on youtube, I'm sure there are thousands of videos about that topic and they say that the Olympics are to blame for it...she wasn't making this shit up, she knew the facts, then someone else obviously got her facts wrong and stated that these people were already homeless and that's when all hell broke loose cause two others also came over and started criticizing her for her kind heart.
Then she tried to set the record straight, mind you the wrong way by erasing her journals and writing more just to fuel the fire which caused more controversy,
which has left her wondering who her real friends are and wonders why she even gives a rat's asshole about the world in general.
I've never really cared for the world....I couldn't' care less about the goings on and shit. What they do is none of my business....hell Pakistan can blow themselves up to kingdom come and I just don't care!
:megs3: Maybe she should take my advice and just stop caring, cause it's better for everyone I think....but that's my opinion! Thunderquack Negsswipe
Anyway Malicia, thanks for your advice.
I know who to turn to when I need it!!!!!

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