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Never Hire a Villain

Without realizing what she was doing, Faith reached out and grabbed Negaduck's hand and that was when one of the other gang members had noticed.

Chuckling coldly, he was quick to snatch Faith from Negaduck and hold her up against him with an evil gleam in his eye a knife held at her throat. "I think she wants t'join the party!" the large domineering pig snorted in Faith's ear and she could smell his breath on her. She gagged in disgust and tried to wave the smell away.

"I can tell the only way you're able to pick up women is by force. It must be with breath like that."

The pig raged at Faith when she insulted him. He forgot all about wanting to slit her throat and now had a new agenda, to put the girl in her place.

"This bar ain't a place for the ladies, unless yer gonna make a name for yourself in 'ere!"

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