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Never Hire a Villain

(This Role Play is Reserved for Myself and Flapping Terror.)

Several characters will make their appearance in this story; both cannon and OC.


The front door slammed shut as the defeated figure returned home. Picking up the mail that was laying on the floor he dragged his feet over to the couch. Turning on a light The mallard began skimming through the envelops. "..bill....bill....junk mail.....stupid ads....junk mail...bill...Bah!" He threw the useless papers into his home made fireplace.

One of the papers landed on his beak. Growling, he clutched the paper in his hand and was about to tear it apart when he realized it was a letter. Curiosity getting the better of him he opened it and read the letter inside. As he read a burst laughter erupted from his beak. "Who in their right minds would hire me?! Negaduck of all people!" Knowing the reason was going to be amusing if nothing else, Negaduck headed back out the door and headed downtown where he kept his NegaQuack well hidden from the likes of nosy do-gooders.

A short time later, Negaduck was on his way to the address the letter requested him to visit. He hadn't even considered accepting the request, he just wanted to know why they wanted him for the job and not someone else.
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