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Song Title Showoff

Take a chanracter, it could be a canon or an OC and describe them using every song title you can think of that fits their personality or what they do. Every word doesn't have to be part of a song title but try to use as many as you can think of. The more the better. Who knows, by the time you finish your character may end up with their own soundtrack. =)

And just because someone else used a character, let's say Negaduck doesn't mean that another person can't use him. Everyone sees a character a certain way so their song list may be different from the last person's. After you finished with your description list the song's you used and see how many songs you were able to think of. The sentences also have to make sense.

Have fun.

example: Darkwing Duck Dwcape

He's a Jukebox Hero who has the Moves Like Jagger and an ego that's Larger Than Life. While being a Citizen Soldier has it's bad days, it's also worth Telling The World that he was simply Born This Way.

Songs used:

JukeBox Hero: Foreigner
Moves like Jagger: Maroon 5
Larger Than Life: Backstreet Boys
Citizen/Soldier: 3 Doors Down
Telling the World: Taio Cruz
Born this Way: Lady Gaga
[Image: Darkwingfearsdarkwarrior-smaller.png]
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