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Stone Cold

“Do we really have to go to her mansion?” Launchpad asked Darkwing, looking rather nervous. He had no problem with Moragana at all, but he had always feared that her mansion was alive, considering the supernatural activities that were occurring from within.

Posiwing, by this point, was heading towards the plane without questions, however, as he made his way there he had heard something rather disturbing from a television that had been turned on. He turned and saw the popular news reporter Tom Lockjaw standing in the middle of the streets, with civilians screaming for their lives as they ran past him, behind him a building engulfed in flames could be seen.

“This is Tom Lockjaw, reporting to you alive.” He said smoothly. “Both Negaduck and Negawing are on a malevolent spree of mass destruction, and strangely enough the city’s water has turned a strange substance that appears to be blood, although experts say that it is all an illusion. It is believed that Negaduck had tempered with the city’s water with a strong dosage of a powerful concoction that causes civilians to hallucinate to the point that their phobias have come to life.”

However Posiwing had saw something rather strange started to happen in the background. He saw that dozens of fogs started to appear on the screen. The news reporter didn’t seem to notice until one of them had hopped and landed on his head.

Tom Lockjaw stopped as he looked at the camera, as if he was looking at someone behind it (the cameraman). “Pardon me?” He asked calmly. “There’s a what on my head?” He then blinked his eyes as he then yelped. “A fog!” He screamed as he reached over to his head and tried to grab it off. “Get it off of me!”

As he tried to pick up the slimey creature from his head, another one had hopped and landed on the camera, its webbed feet sticking to the glass. A yelp was heard from behind the camera as it dropped and fell to the floor, upon collision the screen had burst into static.

“That’s the second plague,” Posiwing mumbled under his breath. He knew they did not had much time left and he quickly ran towards the plane in a hurry.

Negawing was disappointed to say the least, he had thought the second plague would had been more destructive…but was definitely supposed that it involved thousands of fogs, literally! He glared at the amulet with daggers. “Stupid thing, I’d wanted mindless destruction, not mindless hysteria!” He scowled.

He saw a SUV swerved violently, the driver struggled to regain her balance, and dozens of fogs could be seen on the bumper, the hood, and the windscreen of the vehicle, obscuring the driver’s vision. Eventually, out of control, the vehicle had slammed into a streetlamp. “I guess hysteria can be converted into mindless destruction after all.” Negawing said to himself, he saw smoke pouring from the wrecked engine.
"You want to know something funny? Even after everything you've done... I would have saved you." - Batman

"That actually is... pretty funny.""- Joker
(Batman to Joker before the latter's death in Arkham City video game, 2011)

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