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Caption This: WEEK 107

First, the winners of week #106!


The first place chocolate chip goes to:
NegaDuck13 Wrote:Gosalyn: Ahh! Your ego, i-it's blinding!
[Image: cookie1.jpg]

The second place oreo goes to:
lupineleigh Wrote:Gosalyn: "EWW! Gross! If you guys are gonna kiss, at least get out from under the street light first! Sheesh, some people have no sense of decency..."
[Image: cookie2.jpg]

And the third place oatmeal goes to:
Hagusa1214 Wrote:Gosalyn: I'm auditioning for a role in Mutant Zombie Martians, part 7.
[Image: cookie3.jpg][/spoiler]

[Image: canardian_guardian1.jpg]
[Image: last_greenhouse_banner_small_gt.png]

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