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When Futures Collide.

Speaking of the mercenary himself, by this point he had returned to his regular employer’s base of operations. When he had approached the crime lord that had only been thus identified as “Unknown” by his associates and worst enemies, the armor-clad man had paid to the panther’s words carefully.

“…and that’s what happened. We’d managed to put Negawing’s plan to a halt before it could had fully been initiated. I’m not fully sure what he had been planning but I’m guessing he had been trying to create his own personal army by releasing the institution, when we’d arrived there I caught a glimpse of him handing one of those dart-guns to the wanted prisoners he had assembled. It seems he was starting to gather enough men to engage you in a war for the control of the city.”

Ever since Negawing had came to this dimension, he had vowed to claim Unknown’s position as a powerful crime lord by any means necessary. Over this time there had been several encounters where Unknown and Negawing’s forces would met, thus engaging violent battles that had caused several casualties on both sides, it would be every once in a while that the other side would gain the advantage over the other, but in this rate it seemed their war would never end. Negawing’s recent mastermind crime had stunned the crime boss, had Darkwarrior, Posiwing and Ghost Cat had acted as they did then he would be paying the price. Now that Unknown knew what Negawing is truly capable, he is currently sending his forces to find him, but as the minutes slowly turned into hours, he is quick to realize that his men might be able to find him.

“And what of Negawing?” Unknown asked calmly.

“Before we’d left Darkwarrior had crippled him by blowing off his kneecap,” The panther said, he decided not to told Unknown that this had affected Posiwing as well. He’d owed Darkwarrior that much at least, if he told him it would be another opportunity, which would signify as a weakness, that the crime-boss would exploit for his own.

“It seems we’d found someone who hates Negawing as much as I do,” The crime boss remarked as he chuckled softly, “with that injury he had sustained he would surely be weaker than he is before, he would bid his time by orchestrating his plan in the shadows from whatever lair he’s at the moment to conceal him from the rest of the world. I want you to find this Darkwarrior, if he is as deadly as you claimed he is then he would be a valuable comrade in helping us bringing down our small angry friend once and for all. Use whatever resources you can, just make sure Negawing’s threat will be taken care of. You are dismissed.”

Ghost Cat lowered his head as he bowed respectfully before turning his back and walking away.
"You want to know something funny? Even after everything you've done... I would have saved you." - Batman

"That actually is... pretty funny.""- Joker
(Batman to Joker before the latter's death in Arkham City video game, 2011)

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