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Caption This: WEEK 97

First, the winners of week #96!


The first place chocolate chip goes to:
NegaDuck13 Wrote:Bellum: "Hypnosis; the best way to get someone to quit squirming."
[Image: cookie1.jpg]

The second place oreo goes to:
Hagusa1214 Wrote:Sara: Come on now, you couldn't possibly feel this cold stethoscope through your suit.
[Image: cookie2.jpg]

And the third place oatmeal goes to:
Shade Hero Project-X Wrote:Dr. Bellum: I've told you before but, you never listen! Too much coffee will give you a caffeine overload!
Darkwing: Crime doesn't rest! So, neither can the city's only defender of justice!
Dr. Bellum: Oh give me a break everyone must rest! What do you think QuackerJack runs on, Laughing Gas?
Darkwing:....That would explain a lot.
Dr. Bellum: *smacks forehead*
[Image: cookie3.jpg][/spoiler]

[Image: quackerjack_megavolt_on_stage.jpg]
[Image: last_greenhouse_banner_small_gt.png]

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