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Mallard Misgivings

(OOC: anyone welcome, but there needs to be a NegaDuck, Darkwing, and Gosalyn...wouldn't mind a few extra villains or heros either)

Melony sat on top her usual building, overlooking the city. As she looked out over the city she noticed her brother in his *unusual* purple outfit chasing after a criminal...why did he fight crime sometimes and commit crimes others? She thought as he caught the criminal and turned him in to the police...suddenly she noticed her brother on the other side of town wearing his usual yellow outfit committing a crime. She stared at the two through her binoculars, going back and forth between them, wondering what was going on. Why were there two of her brother? She hadn't been in this universe for very long, and she was very confused as to why her brother was in two places at once.

She noticed that her brother in purple was going towards her brother in yellow for a confrontation...well she was going to have a confrontation of her own! She had been waiting in the dark for long enough.

She pulled out a gun and attached a grappling hook to it. Then she shot it and swung towards the part of the city where her brother, or brothers, ere going to confront each other.

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