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"Darkness falls"

Darkstar Duck sat upon the rooftop of St. Canard playing with her small shadowball in her left hand, while watching the foolish people down below. "I see....these inhabtiant's think they have nothing to worry about.....well, I'll soon fix that problem" she chuckles while making her plans in the dark corner of the mayor's building. She knew many would call her insane, but screw their arse's....insane was the most fun she's had in years. "Now, as for the mayor...." using her power's she slides into a open window, and shadowsteps into the mayor's shadow making him walk into a closest. "Well hello mayor....I think you need a time-out" she laughed while tieing him up. Darkstar walks to his chair and speaks into a speaker that broadcasts over the world. "Greeting's all of St. Canard......I am....DarkStar Duck and I am the new mayor!" "Bring all your wealth to me, or the previous mayor get's his last days on this realm"
(anyone's welcomed to join, i would hope for more villans though)

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