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Darkwing Duck Comic scans

Just thought I'd share some comic strips. Some of them I've scanned myself, others were found around the Internet. If you have any comic strip scans share them here!

Evil-Eye-Yi-Yi! (starring Morgana and Negaduck)

[Image: evil-eye-yi-yi-thmb.jpg]

What goes around... (starring Negaduck and Tuskernini)

[Image: evz378oi-thmb.jpg]

Double-Scoop Double Take (starring Darkwing and Negaduck)

[Image: DoubleScoopDoubleTake1-thmb.jpg] [Image: DoubleScoopDoubleTake2-thmb.jpg]

The Family Way (starring Negaduck, Darkwing, Gos, Honker, and Launchpad).

[Image: TheFamilyWay1-thmb.jpg] [Image: TheFamilyWay2-thmb.jpg] [Image: TheFamilyWay3-thmb.jpg][Image: TheFamilyWay4-thmb.jpg] [Image: TheFamilyWay5-thmb.jpg] [Image: TheFamilyWay6-thmb.jpg]

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