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The Interactive Three-word story continued...

Rules: I start off the story with three words, then someone else continues with three words, and so forth. And then it slowly rolls on, but you can't use more than three words!...otherwise that ruins the point of it being a three-word story. I'll start... *ahem*

The story so far:

Once upon a outgrabeing mome rath Quackerjack got hit by a marshmallow disguised as a pink rabbit/huuuugely muscled Headripper who battled the awesomely awesome Negaduck. In a colosseum full of puppies and old women wearing saggy depends. Quackerjack then decided while holding his mister bananna brain that he needed three german barbers to shave his great uncle's unibrow cause it was hairier than Bigfoot. After that he played with trolls from his toybox while sitting on a little toadstool and eating some yummy Fruit rollups. Then he went to the toystore to sell his pocketbook full of little oragami cranes and trick children into buying his homicidal robotic puppy that explodes when you tickle it.

Dipwing then appeared with his gasgun and shot himself with laughing gas is laughing histerical when Quackerjack yelled...

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