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THE RULES: Negaduck style

[Image: negaduck-practice2.gif] Alright, listen up you knobs because I'm only going to say this once, got it? I hate rules. Especially the kind that prevent me from having a good'ol fashioned weenie roast... using some poor sap as the weenie that is.

[Image: negaduck-aniarrrgh.gif] But if there's one thing I hate more than rules, it's stupid people on the Internet. Because as we all know Internet = Serious Business. I'd insert one of those 'lol cat' pictures right about now but I HATE cats, so... let me just make a few things clear:

NEGADUCK RULE #1: Don't type like a friggin' idiot.

Seriously. If I see any 'omg ur so mean Negs lolololol' comments I will KICK YOU IN THE BOX. If you don't have a box I will remove your nuts and THEN kick you in the box. Even Public Enemy #1 knows that good grammar and spelling are a necessity in this brain-depleted world.

NEGADUCK RULE #2: Post topics in the correct forum

Why the hell wouldn't you?

NEGADUCK RULE #3: Treat the other members of the board with respect

...because I'm the only asshole allowed around here, got it? I don't need any of you stealing my thunder!

NEGADUCK RULE #5: Negaduck is the greatest villain ever and Darkwing should be shot on sight

This is a given.

NEGADUCK RULE #6: Keep signatures to a minimum

Nobody likes to wait a kajillion hours for a page to load because you're so self-involved and annoying that you need to have a signature ten times larger than your undersized pecker.[/color]

NEGADUCK RULE #7: 'Free Speech' does not equal 'Say whatever I want without any consequences'

You wanna shoot your mouth off? Fine. But don't start whining and crying when you get some kickback for pissing off other people with your opinion. Either take it like a boss, or don't say anything at all.

NEGADUCK RULE #8: White Knights, leave your steeds and lances at home

I will eat you.


"But Negs, you handsome devil, just what is the terrible penalty for disobeying your rules?" Well, I'm SO glad you asked! You may just find yourself in an unpleasant predicament like these fine forum fellows...

[Image: darkmorgsquish.jpg][Image: darkmorgsquish2.jpg]

Heh heh heh... pwned.

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